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What is Green Impact?

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Transcript of What is Green Impact?

What is Green Impact?
Green Impact is an accreditation and award scheme that provides a framework for channeling enthusiasm for sustainability into real change
Check out this video to find out more
It's about staff and students working together to green the uni whilst making friends and having fun!
How does it work?
Teams of students and staff work to improve the positive environmental impact of their study and work spaces.
The bigger impact a team makes, the higher the award they achieve!
At the Bronze level teams are expected to identify sustainable practices that they already do.
Teams will also be expected to identify areas where they can improve.
By the Gold level teams will be expected to really embed sustainable best practice.
They will also be engaging with the wider university community on sustainability issues
At Silver level teams begin to build on what they have done before
Teams will also be starting to embed sustainable best practice.
How do we get started?
Once you've formed your team you'll need to log on to the online workbook
Once you're logged in you can start working through the criteria in these tabs on the left
What are the benefits of Green impact?
Save the planet!
Save Money!!!
Meet and work with new people
Develop new skills
Get recognition for your good sustainable practices
Have fun!!!
get involved
stay in touch

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STUDENT: http://eepurl.com/5PUHD
Why not drop Tom an email or give him a ring?
Need more info or just want to say hi?
0208 417 3146
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