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– From plugin developer to running a successful WordPress bu

No description

Vladimir Prelovac

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of – From plugin developer to running a successful WordPress bu

From a plugin developer to running a successful WordPress business: ManageWP Case Study (thanks to WordCamp Europe)
2. Customer care
4. Partnerships
Challenges we faced

1. WordPress plugins

Thank you!
Commercializing a popular free plugin http://bit.ly/wp80k
Write plugins that solve your own problem
Use your free plugins to promote your paid plugins
Subscription payment solutions available internationally
USA incorporation is doable
3. Inbound marketing
50% of our traffic comes from the blog. It's a sin not to blog (particularly if you run on WordPress).
Guest posting helps branding, traffic and SEO
Giveaways are fantastic way to make new friends, help their business and get new users
Run smart giveaways. Ask users to suggest an improvement to your product to qualify.
A/B testing is harder than it looks but worth it.
Make great brands your partner. Helps them, helps you.
Become a partner of great brands
Competition is good. Cheers WPRemote ;)

Just never stop innovating.
Support becomes a (free) marketing tool
User feedback is the gold mine.
Get user feedback however and whenever you can
Send small gifts like t-shirts
How to create a multi-million business based on WordPress from a small country in Europe (that only got Paypal this year) in four steps, for beginners
Meet (party) with your team
Meet with your customers
dare to ask tricky questions...
How would you feel if you could no longer use ManageWP?
How likely is that you would recommend our product to a friend or colleague?
Net Promoter Score
OMTM - The one metric that matters.
Cool book I read recently
Failed to scale paid advertising.
Launched January 2012
Built entirely on WordPress (service, site, blog)
Users everywhere, customers from 102 countries
190,000+ managed websites
60,000+ users, incredibly diversified
ManageWP facts
Plugins are one of the great ways to start a WordPress business
Do not expect overnight success (in my case it took 3 years)
Key takeaways
Key takeaways
No matter what, customer should always know you are on their side
It is much cheaper to try and retain existing than acquire new customer
Key takeaways
Inbound marketing is about scattering treasure and letting people find it
The most efficient and scalable way of growing and sustaining a business today
Key takeaways
Partnerships are hard to copy by competition!
Partnerships are like diamonds. Hard to get but priceless.
Image credit: HireRight
So, how did we do that?
Key takeaways
WordPress plugins rulez!
Customer care rulez!
Inbound marketing rulez!
Partnerships rulez!
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