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SPS Mather Internship Final Presentation


Courtney Lemon

on 26 July 2011

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Transcript of SPS Mather Internship Final Presentation

Courtney Lemon SPS Mather Intern 2011 So, where was I? Washington D.C. Or more specifically... Capitol Hill Or even more specifically... Longworth HOB* *House Office Building. Representative
Rush Holt Why is he so awesome? 5 time Jeopardy winner Physicist Beat IBM's Watson Hosts AAAS Fellows Was a AAAS Fellow Former Assistant Director of Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Congressman What did I really spend my days doing? D-New Jersey 12 Rising Physics Major 5th year at WHO works in this big old building? Lots of people with one major thing in common... They all REPRESENT us! *also known as and U.S. Senate (but I didn't work with them) WHO I did work with? and LOTS of other awesome people in his office Mather Interns So, why are there and how are we different? Funding End Product Thanks to the John & Jane Mather Foundation for Science and the Arts for providing the funding for this internship "The aim of the program is to promote awareness of the policy process among young scientists by directly engaging them in the work that goes on in the federal government -- work that is today as exciting as in any time in the past." -AIP Executive Director and CEO Fred Dylla Whereas most internships are directed towards an end product, I feel that this internship is more focused on the process and experience. to be covered later... Hilltern LIFE as a MAIL TELEPHONE DELIVERY ANSWERING CALLS GIVING TOURS LETTERS WRITING ATTENDING HEARINGS CAUCUSES & and also D INTERN UAL UTY D in the process of this whole Capitol Hill internship, I'm also doing some work with... PHYSICS TODAY ONLINE Paul Guinnessy, Mostly with & Charles Day, Dick Jones TWO TWO PIECES Small Modular Reactors Science Policy Gone Bad & Working on these pieces really helped me work on my networking writing skills fears of messing up royally Thank you SO MUCH to Jennifer Greenamoyer

Kendra Redmond

Gary White

Tom Olsen

Elizabeth Hook Dr. John Mather

Paul Guinessy

David Kronig

Jack Hehn

Charles Day Congressman Rush Holt

Libby O'Hare

Pat Eddington

Thomas Seay

Will O'Neal

Nicole Williams Caitlin Leach

Kim Montgomery

Chris Gaston

Kevin Cutro

Chris Hartmann And all the interns and staff who I've surely forgotten who have made this internship so incredibly rewarding and memorable. THANKS to everyone who has helped make this summer as awesome as it's been! the 2011 class of SPS Interns
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