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Saving the Rainforest

No description

Someone Youdontknow

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Saving the Rainforest

Why we need to save the rainforest.
To begin, the rainforest is considered the world's "lungs."
Many animals that help us fight diseases are found in the rainforest.
But isn't the lumber demand growing?
The demand for lumber is growing although there are still many other places for the lumber business to thrive. Such as Russia/ Eastern Europe. The area over there is absolutely FULL of trees. Along with Canada
Many of our food products come from the rainforest.
These 2 animals are endangered species.
My analysis of this issue has convinced me that we should stop the cutting of the rainforest.
By Kyle Szwajnos
It is considered so due to the fact that the trees plants, and grass have pores in their leaves that then suck in and keep carbon dioxide,which is also used in photosynthesis. But then out of the same pores in the leaves oxygen is released. Which is how plants survive. Along with water. Every living thing on Earth needs water, food and air. And without a constant stream, a large stream that is, of fresh, new clean air, eventually we will die to dirty air most from factories and cars. Not asphyxiation. As the atmosphere is full of millions of years of air that is able for us to breathe.

The rainforest also provides a well-balanced eco-system for animals and plants that help us fight diseases. Such as the wild periwinkle plant which destroys certain types of cancer tumors. Therefore, people need plants and/or animals from the rainforest.
The gum that's very popular at this school would not be here without the rainforest. Along with many other products that come from the rainforest such as, coffee, corn, rice, lemons and sweet potatoes. Not to mention chocolate

Therefore, I believe that we really should stop cutting the rainforest. It's almost useless
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