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The Roots

No description

Carter Maiden

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of The Roots

"Me" Tree
By: Carter Maiden

The Roots
The Brambles
Walk off hits
Varsity Golf
77 (+7/8) 3 times (Renwood, Bittersweet, and Spring Valley)
Been scouted by Div. 3 schools for football.
Been to both Old and New Yankee Stadium.
I am an ambidexterity thrower
Got my permit
Hit 3 homeruns.
High Honors Freshman year.

The Branches
Go see the Masters
Go to San Diego
Break 70
Reach 100 years of age
Get a hole in one
Buy a house
Go to Northwestern
Invent something
Write a Book
Meet a celebrity
Live a good life
Make enough money to do above
More Branches
Be a 2 sport athlete in college.
Get a job if all else fails
Become someones role model
Become the next Jordan Spieth
Say a quote that's remebered forever (ex. "History is written by the victors" [Winston Churchill])
Go to England
Take care of my body
Be the person someone comes to for anything
Name: Carter James Maiden

Contact: 773-202-LUNA
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