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Leadership Plan (Sheets: 2012-2013)

This presentation articulates my personal leadership style, areas of strength and weakness and specific goals.

Amanda Sheets

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Leadership Plan (Sheets: 2012-2013)

Professional Goals and Areas of Growth Amanda Sheets - Learning and Leading in Education ABSTRACT RANDOM Gregorc Style Deliminator
Results If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
John Quincy Adams Current Leadership Analysis 360 Leadership Survey Reflection Professional Growth Goals Professional Growth Goal 1: Focus on the whole child
as the center of every decision. Professional Growth Goal 2: Understand staff needs
and provide opportunities for strategic development Professional Growth Goal 3: Understanding
school-based budgeting. Potential The Moment Multi-Dimensional Metaphoric Professional actions to engage others in my learning and growth Actively Supporting Administration Team Areas of Strength Self-Awareness Motivation Interpersonal Relationships Open and Honest Builds Rapport Perseverance Takes Ownership Reflective Able to Self-Assess Driven Committed Areas for Growth Self Regulation Managing Conflict Communication Skills Norms of Collaboration Wait Time/
Silence External Processor Resistant Change Emotional Opinionated Getting on
the Balcony Experience and Practice Energetic Growth Communication
Skills Managing Conflict to another... One Leads... and another... Focus Areas for Self Regulation Skills for Growth Listen and analyze ALL perspectives through observation, practice and reflection Wait 3 seconds or more to reflect and create thoughts before responding or sharing ideas. Utilize the Norms of Collaboration by focusing on one norm each week. "The less people know,
the more they yell."
-Seth Goodin Mental Models Shared Vision Systems Thinking Utilize and Model Effective Protocols Get on the Balcony What influence do internal & external forces have on the issue? What are my mental models and what are the mental models of others? Leadership 360 Survey Results Leadership 360 Survey Results Imagination Emotional Perceptive holistic Fantastic Many Compliments and ask... How does this match the vision, values and expectations of the organization? Practicing Adaptive Change
Techniques Five Whys Ladder of Inference Left Hand Column Multiple Strategies Newton Middle School Douglas County Federation Meet with administrative team - debriefing situations
Tour the school with administrative team and debrief
Attend and Connect with Parents through SAC & PTO
Attend district meetings when appropriate
Request and promote continual feedback for growth
Attend and debrief student related functions
Focusing on systems, culture and vision Leadership Analysis My Participation My Role -Attend admin team meeting before school (July 24th)to set up year
-Be present during times I schedule and be an active leader/learner
-Attend and participate in staff meetings and PLC days (when I can)
-Be consistent in times I am present at Newton Middle School
-Complete all appropriate tasks and projects in a timely manner
-Attend school functions - Be a positive presence in the school
-Provide support for staff, students and parents when appropriate
- Revert to building administration for decisions and when appropriate
- Support and promote the work and decisions of administration
- Learn and experience as much as possible Standard V: Principals Demonstrate Managerial Leadership Element (b): Commitment to the Whole Child: Principals promote the cognitive, physical, social and emotional health, growth and skill development of every student. Element (b)Development/Learning Communities: Principals ensure that the school is a professional learning community that provides opportunities for collaboration, fosters teacher learning and develops teacher leaders in a manner that is consistent with local structures, contracts, policies and strategic plans.
Element (b) Conflict Management and Resolution: Principals proactively and efficiently manage the complexity of human interactions and relationships, including those among and between parents/guardians, students and staff. Standard III: Principals Demonstrate School Cultural and Equity Leadership Standard IV: Principals Develop Human Resource Leadership What I learned:
The process of self - reflection, goal setting and analyzing my leadership style while I read through the assigned text provided me with a deeper level of understanding of myself. Knowing the areas where I need the most growth forced me to take a more profound look at the five principles and reflect on the strategic steps involved in adaptive leadership. While there was a great deal of overlap, I found that so much of my growth can occur when I am on the balcony and reminded of the mental models I hold in certain situations. By changing my perspective, even slightly, I can change my whole outlook on a situation. It is here that change can occur in me, in a group or in an organization as a whole. Practicing protocols such as the seven norms of collaboration, using crucial conversation skills and taking the necessary wait time to process my thoughts before speaking will allow better leadership when performed often enough to become habit. Being at CRMS, Terry Olson and his two assistant principals allowed me opportunities to grow in my focus areas. They encouraged me to attend various meetings and participate in the school culture. The conflict management skills are going to be important in dealing with staff personalities and various perspectives at CRMS; this year I am going to be focusing heavily on this area in my current job. As I work with district employees in an environment that has become increasingly negative and participate in committees that lend themselves to conflict, I will be practicing changing my perspective, asking questions and controlling my emotions through continuous work using the various tools introduced this quarter. Actions:
1. Participate in the RtI process/data collection team at Newton
2. Develop relationships with students to understand individual needs
3. Provide support to staff when appropriate to students and staff Actions:
Understand staff development needs through feedback, admin support and data analysis
Offer opportunities for professional learning communities to occur and introduce new ways to incorporate technology as the outlet.
Understands and aligns development with the Littleton Schools' policy, expectations and direction. Actions:
Participate in school budget planning for 2013-2014 school year
Attend any site budgeting meetings if possible or meet with secondary director to learn about other school budget decisions
Explore various districts funding process and the components of the systems Solicit feedback on my professional leadership growth from supervisor
Debrief after leadership meetings with the DCF Exec. Boards, School Board meetings and various other meetings we attend. Personal Mastery "Working with personal mastery means entering the realm of matters of the heart."(Senge, p 199) Vision - Values - Viewpoint - Openness Awareness - The Moment - Self Check In Preparation - Timing - Reflection Examples: Leadership Resistant to Change, Emotional, Opinionated Focusing on the disciplines of personal mastery and
will allow me to improve my self-regulation skills. The triangle represents ways to improve my personal
self-regulation. Each word opens the door for me to
improve my skills Knowing and actively improving who I am as a person and
a leader will allow me to manage a school or an organization
with integrity and vision. The practice of personal mastery
means digging deep in my heart and continually growing as
an individual. Focusing on Conflict Management
involves getting up on the balcony, utilizing effective protocols that foster productive solutions and being open to change. Experience Skills and Tools Multi-Dimensional Areas of Strength:
It will be essential that I capitalize on my leadership strengths as I enter my roles as a new member of the Castle Rock Middle School community and administrative team. Despite only knowing a small number of the teachers' names, I am confident that I will be able to build relationships as a member of the school community quite quickly. The majority of the teachers in the building are familiar with my role as a union representative. This will also help me foster connections, build trust and provide a leverage point to create lines of open and honest communication.

Over the years I have experienced the power in taking ownership for mistakes I have made and being able to admit when I do not have all of the answers. Being able to admit when I am wrong or when I need help has opened the door for others to follow in my footsteps, rely on my guidance and provided numerous opportunities for me to become even more self-aware. It is through reflection and my drive to live with integrity that I will be able to continue to grow as a leader and look to others to become better.

Finally, as a member of CRMS, I will bring energy and commitment to the work I do with students, staff, parents and the community. I have not been a member of a school community in two years and having the opportunity to work closely with staff to impact the students is exciting. Having lunch with the seventh and eighth graders will bring a skip to my step. Working with teachers to help provide new interventions that may solve a behavior issue in a classroom, where a student can finally learn consistently or simply smiling at an unknown student and catching a glimpse of their smile in return invigorates my spirit. I am motivated and willing to work hours beyond my day to learn the systems and hopefully influence Castle Rock Middle School in a positive way while personally growing as a leader. Areas of Weakness Abstract Random (although very balanced) Descriptors take from multiple article that I believe best articulate my specific strengths in each area. Descriptors take from multiple article that I believe best articulate my specific strengths in each area. Self-Regulation References Deal, T. & Peterson, K. (2009). Shaping school culture: Pitfalls, paradoxes, & promises (2nd Ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
Goleman, Daniel. (1998). What Makes a Leader? Harvard Business Review, November-December 1998, 91-102.
Gregorac, Anthony. Gregorc Style Delineator (4th Edition). 2009
Heifetz, R., Grashow, A., & Linsky, M. (2009). The practice of adaptive leadership: Tools and tactics for changing your organization and the world. Boston: Harvard Business Press.
Senge, P., Kleiner, A., Roberts, C., Ross, R., & Smith B. (1994). The fifth discipline: The art and practice of the learning organization. New York: Currency and Doubleday. Diagnosing an Adaptive Challenge
Knowing all Stakeholders
Recognizing my role
Listening to all
Monitoring progress
Providing support and guidance when appropriate Exercising adaptive leadership requires that you be willing and competent at stepping into the unknown and stirring things up. (Heifetz, 2009) Questions I still have... 360 Leadership Survey Most often we are more critical of ourselves than others. In reflecting on the feedback I received from the 360 Leadership Survey I found that to be the case as well. From the surveys and in my own reflection, conflict management stood out as the area where i needed the most growth. In my own results and the results of others who provided me with feedback alignment was clear. Alignment was also evident in my personal strengths. My strengths showed strongly as interpersonal relationships and motivation in my results and in the others surveys. Not working in one school on a daily basis, I would be interested in having my administrative mentor fill out a 360 Leadership Survey for me once I have been in the school for some time. Having him fill out the survey would give me a better understanding of my leadership strengths and weaknesses in the school environment. I am a continuous work in progress. In order to be an agent of change and lead a school, I truly need to be a self-reflective leader and skilled communicator. This summer I have made a conscious effort to be an observer at district meetings and staff development trainings. Taking a step back and viewing situations from "the balcony" has opened my eyes to trying to understand the mental models. The diversity of ideas, experiences and vision from individuals impacts the dynamics of any group. As I have taken steps to improve my leadership skills, I continue to face the patterns I have lived with for decades. It takes time to change but through experience and continuous practice I believe that I can overcome my weaknesses. There is always areas to improve.
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