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Winds of Change:

No description

Lee Ung

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of Winds of Change:

Educational Technology includes the
* of how to create a supportive environment for learning...
Part of that reflective process should be determining if there was an improvement in
The technology created, used, and managed must be
, implying that it
contribute to the improvement of performance
A different way to think about educational technology:
TEDx Greg Toppo
How will Ed Tech change education in our lifetime?
Winds of Change:

Educational Technology
as a living concept

What are the current dominant learning theories?
Constructivist and Cognitive theories put the learner in the active role
An example of Constructivist learning
For summaries of learning theories
Cognitive & Constructivist:
What is the difference?
Snapshot of the past
Educational Technology must
* learning!
Officially chosen for the 2014 White House Student Film Festival
Educational Technology
is the
learning and
ethical practice*
performance by
creating, using, & managing
technological processes & resources.
Educational Technology:
A definition with commentary
* the term "study" is used instead of "research" because it is inclusive of all parts of inquiry, including
reflective practice
* meaning that the teacher and technological resources plays a supportive role to the students' active learning
How do they affect the revised AECT definition of Educational Technology?
* performance can be measured by any number of assessments and address a plethora of skills
...this is often up to the teacher, school, and/or school district to define
* because the ethical practice clauses were added for the sake of being explicit (not due to any major shift in philosophy), I didn't focus on them in this reflection
Lee Hanae Ung
EdTech 501
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