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Copy of Ancient Egypt Key Groups In Society

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on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Ancient Egypt Key Groups In Society

o Ancient Egypt had a wide range of professions such as: Priests, Chief treasurers, Scribes, Viziers, Artisans, Peasants (unskilled laborers), Musicians, Entertainers, Dancers and bakers
o Women usually stayed home and started families, not a lot of jobs were open to them
o Girls did not usually go to school.
o Children were taught some of the things that we are
o There were two different kinds of schools for different
ranks on the social pyramid.

Social structure
o Ancient Egypt was ruled by Pharaohs
oFour important pharaohs were: Pharaoh Khufu, Pharaoh Senusret, Pharaoh Hatshepsut, Ramses the second Pharaoh
o The ancient Egyptian’s ranks went:
Pharos, government officials made up of viziers, nobles and the priests, the general of the armies, soldiers, scribes, artisans, farmers, and slaves.

o Music was part of religion
o A lot of instruments that are used now were used in ancient Egypt
o Instruments included stringed, wind and percussion.

o Art was considered magic and holy
o Artists could be painters, sculpters, weavers or potters
o Sports were a large part of lifestyle
o Ancient Egyptians made up a lot of the sports we play now
o Some sports that the ancient Egyptians played were wrestling, swimming, hockey, rowing, sports on horseback, archery, marathons, gymnastics and many ball games.
o Only royalty performed some sports

Goverment officials
A typical classroom
Clay pot
archery on horseback
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