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The stringed instrument that is very popular among Asains

Chloe Le

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Violin

The Violin The wondrous string instrument among people When was it made? When did Violins Become Popular? Violin sizes Parts of a Violin Proper Care Re-owned violinist Andrea Amati made the first violin sometime in 1555.Before, a similar instrument was made called the violetta. The violin was made during 1555, by the hands of Amati, who founded the Cremona School of Violinmaking. The sizes of violins available are 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4 (called full size). I'm a 1/2, but will soon be a 3/4. On Violins, rosin goes on bows. But after sometime, you would need to clean your strings, get new strings, or get a new violin. Who made the Violin? Proper Care How to hold a Violin Concert (set up) Concert (manners) Renting and Buying Violins How Long do Violins Last? When you hold a string instrument for pizzicato, you hole as demonstrated in picture below. The setting of a concert consists of beginners (violins, violas, cellos, and bases), Chamber, Philharmonic, and Symphony. NO-
Plucking strings
Messing with violin
Dropping violin
Tripping over violin
Try not to cough if sick ( I was coughing)
Please don't sneeze
ALWAYS sit straight
Maintain good appearance
( like Me) To rent and buy a violin, you have to either rent from the company the school want you too, or buy one for a price range of $100- 10,000. Scroll Tuning pegs Hanky Bow Finger Board F Holes (Yes,its called F holes) Shoulder Rest Bridge Body Fine Tuners Chin Rest Rosin Elbow under violin Wrist straight not bent Shoulders not tense Putting rosin on your violin Rosin is out on the violin by rubbing up and down on the bow. Creating friction, the powder rubs onto the bow. Right thumb on corner of fingerboard and index finger plucking, while left hand places in position to change notes Note: please stand straight while doing this, unlike me in this picture. Disadvantages Private Lessons Solo And Ensemble Types of Violin Playing Orchestra room set up Me How do You Know When You Need a New Sized Violin? Private lessons are available for any instrument playing elective. I myself take private lesson for 20$ a lesson every session. Tail Piece Upper Bout Lower Bout Waist Neck Pegbox It became a popular instrument in Europe ( since it was invented there) with low and high class instrumentalists immediately. Violin Size and Length
(in inches)

4/4 (full Size)

3/4 (three quarter)
22 in.

1/2 (half size)
20 in.

1/4 (one quarter)
18 1/2 in.

Based on the chart, It is accurate. Rosin You have to at least rub it up and down 100 times. It's not the violin that gets worn out, its the strings. They worn out in a matter of 2-6 months. Help! I'm Chloe's violin! I'm in desperate need of new strings! She plays like a monster! These string are slowly decaying! When playing the violin, I tend to get hand cramps, fingers hurting, and arm soreness. Worst of all are new strings. They need to be tuned constantly. I have experience from my friend getting them. It helps you improve a lot! But its only a thirty minute lesson. Solo and Ensemble is a academic contest for music electives only. They charge high fees, but it improve your skills. This contest is at high schools and middle schools everywhere. My cousin is doing it and she lives in Dallas! There are many types of violin playing. Pizzicato, for plucking strings, and staccato for notes that sound stuck. We mainly do these in class. Staccato signs are usually in top of a note Credits: http://www.whoinventedit.net/who-invented-the-violin.html

Plus,Westbrook's orchestra room! Thanks for being a awesome teacher Mr. Dinardis! Types of Violins The types of violin are: Acoustic or Non-Electric Violin, Electric Violin, Baroque Violin, Classical Violin, and the Modern Violin.
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