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Barbara's Presentation


CWSL Library

on 7 July 2011

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Transcript of Barbara's Presentation

Note: Our surveys were 'non-scientific': Respondents were self selected and each year's survey questions were not the same. Comparative Overview of the 2009 and 2011 Surveys: What Stands Out? 2009 410 Visited the survey

110 Completed Responses

68 individual schools responded
 Positions with Educational Technology as Part of Job Duties How Long Has Position Existed? Educational Background Job Responsibilities Miscellaneous Faculty prefer individual to group graining 74/15% In 2009 at Most Law Schools: > 50% faculty use course management systems, but most use these for posting syllabus and course documents only 80%+ faculty use technology in the classroom less than half of class time Only 10% of faculty assign or require technology for student assignments. In 2011 at Most Law Schools: Departmental Association 2009 2009 Conclusions?

Over two years: growth!
More faculty use of ed tech software/hardware and a corresponding demand for support.

Email if you would like a copy of the data:

bag@cwsl.edu The Law School Educational Technologist Survey
2 Years Later Who we are:

Debbie Ginsberg, Educational Technology Librarian, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Barbara Glennan, Assistant Director for Electronic & Outreach Services, California Western School of Law

Chester Kozikowski, Educational Technology Specialist, Boston College Law School

Lindsay Matts, Educational Technologist, William Mitchell College of Law

Alex Berrio Matamoros, Educational Technology Specialist/Legal Information Librarian & Lecturer in Law, Boston College Law School What we are going to tell you:

Brief overview and comparison of the survey results from 2009 and 2011
Highlights of the 2011 survey - the state of educational technology in law schools today
What has changed in the use and support of ed tech in the past two years What you can tell us:

Information about your experiences: What are you doing at your school? What works and does not work?
Questions? Feel free to interrupt the speakers with questions!

Discussion is the goal. . . . By the way. . .

Please check out the NEW Law School Ed Tech blog:


Subscribe via RSS, email, Twitter (@LawSchEdTech)
Write! (Contact one of us on how to get started)

The discussion will continue through the year. . . 117 surveys started
76 surveys completed
Results tabulated from 92 responses 2011 2011 Average position has existed 10+ years 2011 2009 2011 Other IT University IT Library Dean 2009 2011 #1 - Training faculty on software and hardware
#2 - Troubleshooting software and hardware
#3 - Pedagogical Training
#4 - Distance education support One on one training is still preferred by about 50% respondents, but other options (group and electronic) growing Next:
Lindsay Matts, Educational Technologist, William Mitchell College of Law Types of responsibilities are similar, the 2011 lists more specific duties . . . 15% 2% 34% 44% 5% Law Library and IT now about even. AV is mentioned as separate category. 37% 21% 25% 16% JD & MLS degrees roughly doubled, Ed Tech degree up 6%
and 'other' category up about 10%. New is the computer/computing degree with 17%. 28% 19% 12% 19% 21% 28% respondents didn't have a position two years ago. 40 % of the jobs were created in the last 1-5 years, and 31% were 5+ years Number of Survey Responses Thank you for participating!! Please contribute to it!
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