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Advisory Last Year

No description

Axel Henrikson

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Advisory Last Year

My e-Portfolio.
My First Challenge
My first challenge was my time management at the start of the year. At the start of the year I had a lot of things going on and I wasn't really good at managing my time. One thing that took up a lot of time was the school soccer team. I would get home late and I wouldn't want to start my homework.
My First Success
My first success was time management. This was a success for me when the soccer season finished. It was a success for me because I realized that I would have to get my homework done eventually; so why shouldn't I just space out my homework to make it not seem like a massive pile of work.

My Second Challenge
My second challenge was staying focused at home because my brother is always doing things that I would rather be doing. He comes home, does his home work in 30 minutes, then goes and plays Xbox or something else.
My Second Success
My second success was the social studies research project. This was a success because I hadn't really done many research projects and the ones that I had done before weren't as big as this one. Using NoodleTools really helped because it helped my to cite my sources and to attach a source with a certain note-card. Also, being able to do a lot of the research in class helped me and it allowed me to talk to peers and get help from them. I was also more organized which was very helpful.

My Third Challenge
My third challenge was staying up too late reading. This was a small challenge because it was relatively irrelavent. This was a challenge because at night when I have finished my homework I usually stay up to read but sometimes I read too much and too long so I go to sleep later than I would like to.
My Third Success
My third success was my vocabulary quizzes because I studied for these using iflash. iflash was useful because it allowed me to study by myself whenever I wanted to. I also made time to study these notecards.
One of My iFlash Card Sets
My Goals
My goal is staying focused at home because I easily get distracted. My second goal is time management. Here are my plans
My Plans
For staying focused I won't play xbox or play on my phone until I have finished all of my homework for the next day.

For time management I will prioritize my things to do when I get home and start from the top of the list and I won't start with the easiest thing unless it the thing that is most necessary. One thing that I can use to help prioritize my work is iProcrastinate.
My Presentation
My presentation is made using Prezi, which is a new presentation skill that I have learned to use. In this presentation I will tell you about my challenges, my successes, my goals and sports.
Throughout this year I have been participating in sports with and without the school. At the start of the year I played for the ASL black soccer team. Now I am playing for the ASL tennis team. Even though both of these sports were no cuts teams, I felt like I improved during the soccer season and I look to improve my tennis skills during the tennis season.
The Playground
Towards the end of this year the playground will be off limits for the middle school students. I will miss the playground greatly as it has been one of my favorite places throughout my ASL career.
This year, one of my favorite classes has been P.E. My favorite unit was the hockey unit were each person on our team took on a role. My role was co-coach and I enjoyed making practices for the team.

In this school year we also did a gymnastics unit. In this unit we made a video with a gymnastics routine. Here is my video.
My English Reading Partnership Project
During this project I read
by Laura Hillenbrand with Garrett.
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