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Hohokam Indians

No description

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Hohokam Indians

Hohokam Indians
by Ryan Acosta
Daily Life
They grew corn, beans, and squash along nearby rivers taking advantage of the moist soil. The Hohokam also took advantage of what the desert had to offer by gathering food as well.
The Hohokam created very elaborate canal systems for such an ingenious time. They used mainly stone instruments and organized labor.
What does this mean to me?
Learning about the Hohokam put into perspective the changes the southwest has seen and how much harder life must have been! Before this course I was oblivious to the lifestyle they lived and what their daily life consisted of.

Chores and cooking were
done under a ramada to
stay protected from the
harsh desert sun. It was
also a place for gatherings
and rest.
This course has expanded my understand of the southwest and what it means to live here and be a part of it. I now know the struggles and sacrifices that have lead to the formation of the great southwhest.
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