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Louis Vuitton

No description

Eileen Boland

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Louis Vuitton

The Store
Louis Vuitton X Yayoi Kusama
" My Life is a dot lost among
a million other dots"

Yayoi Kusama, obliteration Manifesto
From Louis Vuitton's flagship Manhattan store on Fifth Avenue to London's Selfridges' , Louis Vuitton has splashed Yayoi's signature dots virtually everywhere!

The concept store is immersed in polka dots: perforated giant lamps hang over display tables while walls, floors and display cabinets are covered in an infinity of bright dots in various sizes
The collaboration is the most successful art Union and also the most mediatised and successful business strategy of all time...
The patterns for the Louis Vuitton bags have no obvious or subtle message and are just an aesthetic gesture.
Visitors are instructed to follow the red dots along the shop floor leading to the store and a life size, polka dot-clad model of Kusama herself.
The layout of each of the stores is a representation of the artist herself.
There was seven Kusama for Louis Vuitton store collaborations launching in 2012 though the Selfridges' opening was one of the most anticipated.
The Concept Store in Selfridges
The princess of polkadots
In an unprecedented move, Selfridges has devoted all of their 24 department store windows to one brand.
Kusama Avant Garde Sculptor, painter, novelist and is considered a national treasure in her native japan.
Monogram Vernis Infinity Dots Papillon
Dots infinit Collar
Began painting at the age of 10 as a means of escaping a childhood of neglect. Kusama suffered from hallucinations from an early age, apparitions consisted of dots and patterns. She has allowed these to strongly influence her work over the years.
Moved to America in 1957 becoming a controversial and important memer of the New York Avant Garde scene.
2008, Kusama became the best selling living female artist (of all time with works breaking record prices at Auction houses.)
Approached by Marc Jacobs back in 2006 after a visit to her studio in Japan, he began pursuing the artist to collaborate. Kusamas obsession with accumulation and polkadots envoke thoughts of the insatiable yearnings of the modern consumers.

The LV collection, the artist has come full circle, returning to the world of fashion half a century after she first entered it, creating one of the most successfull artist/designer collaborations in history.
1997 - New York avant-garde designer Marc Jacobs, appointed as Creative Director of Louis Vuitton.
Marc Jacobs
Through collaborations with artists, Jacobs successfully introduced a youthful image to compliment Vuitton's classic style.
Their relationship led to Jacobs embarking on his most successful collaboration for LV.

Theme of the collection - Polka dots inspired by the artist's work.

Kusama's influence on Jacob's work is evident in his newest fragrance named Dot.
Collection featured clothing,
accessories, footwear
and watches.
First limited edition collection
launched in July 2012.
The second limited collection was released in September 2012.
Smaller, more affordable items also included
Yayoi Kusama
Kusama drew attention by creating Happenings around New York.
Kusama became active in the fashion world in the mid to late 60s and created Kusamsa Fashion Company Ltd.
Pioneered the japanese Avant Garde fashion aesthetic that we see today with the likes of Yohji Yaranoto and Commes des Garcons Rei Kawakubo.
The collaboration was described as both 'fashionable and wearable'.

The classic style of the company has been revamped and revitalised
The products were available in 463 Louis Vuitton stores and online.
Trendsetting Visionary
The 'neverfull'
The 'Speedy'
Louis Vuitton's first artist collaboration - Stephen Sprouse, modernised the LV monogram with his signature neon graffiti design.
Another landmark collaboration -
Contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, included a series of pop art multi colour items altering the LV monogram canvas for the first time.
The collaboration sold out repeatedly at Selfridges, London.
The 'neverfull' and 'speedy' bags proved to be most popular in the US
A challenge to revitalise the iconic french brand known only for it's luxury luggage and to introduce it's first
ready-to-wear line.
Fashion allowing art to become involved in our everyday lives.
It shed light on how important the art of collaboration really is...
The collaboration shows a clever melding of consumerism and commercialization with art
Jacobs first met with Kusama in 2006.
Captivated by her
"endless energy" and power to create through art a "world that never ends".
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