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climate change

No description

krista keberlein

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of climate change

climate change Gases that trap
heat in the atmosphere
are often greenhouse
gases. What is the greenhouse effect? Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere
are often greenhouse gases. What is climate change? What effects or impacts
might climate change have
on the earths inhabitants?
some greenhouse gases are-
corbon dioxide
nitrous oxide Any long term significant change in the weather pattern of an area. The major types of green house gases are:
Carbon dioxide
Nitrous oxide
Fluorocarbons Causes of climate change

Are humans inpacting climate change?
What evidence supports your position? Humans are using fossil fuel for
industrial activities which creates
jobs: over the years people move
from rural areas to the citys.
so more vegitation land has been
cleared for housing this has all
contributed to greenhouse gases
which is changing the climate. Rural citys Greenhouse gases naturally blanket
the earth and keep it at about
33 degrees celsius which is warmer
then it would be without the gases.
If people keep producing such gases
at increasing rates which will harm
the earth. Some effect may be, more
severe floods and droughts, increasing
of insects and sea levels rising. Greenhouse gases diagram How can humans reduce climate change as individuals, nations, world? When we use cars we use fossil fuel,
so if we carpool we use less cars so less
fossil fuel is being put in to the atmosphere.

Paper comes from trees which provides our world
with oxagen so if we cut back on the use of paper
then we save the trees and the oxagen.

A solution for reducing climate change is using renewable energy which produces no emissions like wind farms. Evidence of warming. global warming is occuring. so sea temps should
be increasing which means the frequency of hurricanes is rising. Fresh water draining from ice and snow on land is decreasing the salinity of the far northern oceans. how much salt is in the water The population of wales and walruses that alasken eskmos community
depend on for food are deminishing. 1. continental drift

When the land drifted apart millons of years
ago it changed the phisical features of the
landmass which changed the climate.

2. Volcanos

The volcanos throw
a lot of sulphur dioxide,
water vapor, dust and ash all these can affect the climate
for years after the volcano
has erupted. 3. Earths Tilts

The earth orbits around
the sun which means the
distance between earth
and the sun varies over
the years. Homes and habitats of the animals my be destroyed.
Extreme weather changes.
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