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Copy of Negative Effects of Casinos in Local Communities

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Elliott Walker

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Negative Effects of Casinos in Local Communities

Negative Effects of Casinos in Local Communities
Negative Effects on the Economy
Teaches people to throw away money for fun
The money spent at casinos is gone forever
Casino jobs are low paying
Income rates typically fall or stay the same over the years
Number of restaurants, shops, local stores, and bars decrease
Negative Effects on Families
Debt and Bankruptcy increases
Crime rates rise
Drug/alcohol addiction increases
Losing everything you own
Gambling addiction increases
Organized crime can move into the area
Unemployment from gambling addiction
Risking your families safety and resources to make money
Change and Home
Communities change over time after casinos move into the area
People change when drugs, gambling, and money is involved
Joe gambles with his freedom and job when he is involving himself with drugs
The town no longer feels like the same place as time passes
People become stressed from losing money and causes more stress in their home (bankruptcy and debt)
Negative Effects of Casinos in Local Communities
Elliott Walker
Self destruction: Joe gambles with his freedom by involving himself with drugs
Loss of businesses and homes throughout the community
Destruction of the community continues over time
The town never returns to the way it used to be
Centers for drug/gambling addictions should be opened
More information about gambling addiction should be provided around town and in the casinos
Petitions could be signed to remove casinos from the area
Casinos should provide higher wages, better hours, and give money back to the community
People should have to apply for licenses to gamble in casinos and should be denied if they are in bankruptcy or debt
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