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Ita Grynbaum

My Holocaust character.

R. P.

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Ita Grynbaum

Ita Grynbaum born: Starachowice, Poland, 1926 She was the second-youngest of nine children in a religious Jewish family.
Her family owned a tailor shop in Starachowice. In June of 1939 Ita's father died soon after he returned from Synagogue. Blood ran from his mouth. But why? In September 1939 German forces occupied Starachowice.
They took over the factories and the mine and renamed them.
Ita was a foced laborer here. A Starachowice ghetto was created in February 1941 for Starachowice Jews as well as Jews from Plock and Lodz. On October 27, 1941 the ghetto was liquidated.
With her brother Chuna, as well as the other "able-bodied," Ita was sent to the forced-labor camp Julag I. Two hundred Jews from the ghetto were shot. At Julag I Ita served food to the Polish workers. When a typhus epidemic hit the camp, Ita contracted typhus. After three months, she died. Ita was 17 years old when she died. Chuna took part in an escape attempt in 1943. He did not escape, but survived. He was deported to Buna-Monowitz at Auschwitz and then to Flossenbürg camp in Germany.
He was liberated when he was 17 and the next year immigrated to the United States.He changed his name to Henry Greenbaum.
He is still alive.
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