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Book Talk

No description

Kailey Taylor

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of Book Talk

Book Talk
There are three friends and they do something really bad and brake the rules. But they get caught. Two get put in detention and the other gets put on writing duty.
Favorite part
My favorite part was when he realizes that he doesn't need his friends to live his life.
The title is Scrawl

The author is Mark Shulman
The genre is realistic fiction
Why I chose this book
I chose this book because it looked and sounded really interesting. it has a different perspective.
My Favorite caharcter
My favorite character was the main character. He had a different perspective on life and it really showed. I liked how the author wrote it.
I give this book a 7 because there where some parts that didn't need to be added.

How does it relate to my life
It relates to my life because some of my friends don't respect me. I have to realize that I don't need them in my life. Just like he has to realize and find out
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