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Aztec, Maya and Inca

(see title)

Rebecca Scherer

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Aztec, Maya and Inca

Aztec Maya and Inca Mayan

• the reason the Mayan empire fell was they had a large population and less forest.(caused erosion of good farmland)
• raised guinea pigs and sometimes ATE them
• had some public sacrifices
• tortured prisoners of war
• some Mayan villages were deserted and the buildings left to ruins Aztec

• Aztecs were attacked by Cortes and lost all of their land
• children were drowned in the spring. Aztecs believed their tears would give good rain
• a girl would be beheaded at the corn festival. they thought her blood would bring good crops.
• When Cortes came, he brought smallpox. Many Aztecs died.
•The Aztecs played a lot of music. They played at festivals, special occasions or any time they wanted. Inca
• raised llamas
• grew potatoes
• Patolli was a very popular game. You could bet your family's belongings, and you could even bet yourself.
• had fertile farmland
• while playing tlachtli, some players were injured or killed. By: Rebecca Scherer
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