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Sofia Donatelli

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Musicals

South Pacific continued
Also, a Lieutenant Cable falls in love with a polynesian girl, but is afraid to love a person of another race due to social consequences.
The opening date was on April 7, 1949.
The composer was Richard Rodgers.
The lyricist was Oscar Hammerstein II.
The musical was directed and choreographed by Joshua Logan.
South Pacific Continued
The musical's original release date was June 3, 1975.
History: It was based on a play of the same name, which was about "celebritycriminals" and the corruption of criminal justice. It was written by a real-life reporter about actual crimes that occured.
The lyricist was Fred Ebb.
South Pacific
Brief history:
The musial was adapted from a book called
Tales of the South Pacific
, which dealt with the issue of racism.
The musical is based in World War 2. It is about a military nurse who falls in love with a French planter, but finds difficulty in accepting his interracial kids.
(See next slide for continuation of summary)
Original Performance Date:
June 3rd, 1975
It's based off of a play also
named Chicago. The story is
about a reporter who reports
on all these different murders
that were all done by women. However, the story for the newspaper the reporter
is reporting on is the possibility that many of these women aren't being convicted because of their physical appeal to the jurors, which at the time were all male.
The King and I
The Sound of Music
The musical's original release date was March 29th, 1951 and kept running until March 20th, 1954.
Photo taken from Wikipedia
Photo taken from Playbillvault.com
Photo taken from Playbillvault.com
Photo taken from jkstheatrescene.blogspot.com
Original Cast:Mary Martin Ensign Nellie Forbush
Ezio Pinza Emile de Becque
Juanita Hall Bloody Mary
Myron McCormick Luther Billis
Betta St. John Liat
Harvey Stephens Cmdr. William Harbison, U.S.N.
William Tabbert Lt. Joseph Cable, U.S.M.C.
Martin Wolfson Captain George Brackett, U.S.N.
Mardi Bayne Ensign Connie Walewska
Evelyn Colby Ensign Pamela Whitmore
Michael De Leon Jerome Alternate
Noel De Leon Jerome Alternate
Sandra Deel Ensign Janet MacGregor
Bill Dwyer Seaman Tom O'Brien
Dickinson Eastham Seabee Richard West
Don Fellows Lt. Buzz Adams
William Ferguson Ensemble
Jacqueline Fisher Lt. Genevieve Marshall
Jack Fontan Seaman Thomas Hassinger
Alan Gilbert Yeoman Herbert Quale
Thomas Gleason Sgt. Kenneth Johnson
Jim Hawthorne Petty Officer Hamilton Steves
Richard Loo Marcel
Henry's Assistant
Roslynd Lowe Ensign Dinah Murphy
Barbara Luna Ngana
Biff McGuire Radio Operator Bob McCaffrey
Gloria Meli Ensign Lisa Minelli
Henry Michel Seabee Morton Wise
Alex Nicol Ensemble
Pat Northrop Ensign Sue Yaeger
Mary Ann Reeve Ensemble
Fred Sadoff Professor
Bernice Saunders Ensign Cora MacRae
Archie Savage Abner
Helena Schurgot Ensign Bessie Noonan
Richard Silvera Henry
Henry Slate Stewpot
Eugene Smith Ensemble
Beau Tilden Seaman James Hayes
Musa Williams Bloody Mary's Assistant
Chin Yu Ensemble
South Pacific Continued
Character Descriptions:
Nellie Forbush is a young U.S. nurse who falls in love with a French Planter she recently met. She's somewhat racial because she struggles with accepting Emile's interracial kids.
Emilie De Becque is a wealthy French Planter and widow with two interracial children who finds love in a hesitant American.
Lieutenant Joe Cable is a Princeton graduate who falls in love with a Polynesian girl, but cannot marry her due to the fear of being socially mocked.
Bloody Mary is the philosopher of the island. She trades with the US soldiers on the island. Her daughter falls in love with Lieutenant Joe Cable. She wants Joe to marry her daughter.
South Pacific Continued
Act I
Overture – Orchestra
"Dites-Moi" – Ngana and Jerome
"A Cockeyed Optimist" – Nellie
"Twin Soliloquies" – Nellie and Emile
"Some Enchanted Evening" – Emile
"Bloody Mary" – Sailors, Seabees and Marines
"There Is Nothing Like a Dame" – Sailors, Seabees and Marines
"Bali Ha'i" – Bloody Mary, Billis and Cable
"I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair" – Nellie and Nurses
"I'm in Love with a Wonderful Guy" – Nellie and Nurses
"Younger Than Springtime" – Cable
Finale: Act I ("Some Enchanted Evening") – Emile
Act II
Entr'acte – Orchestra
Soft shoe dance – Nurses and Seabees
"Happy Talk" – Bloody Mary
"Honey Bun" – Nellie and Girls
"You've Got to Be Carefully Taught" – Cable
"Honey Bun" (reprise) – Billis
"This Nearly Was Mine" – Emile
"Some Enchanted Evening" (reprise) – Nellie
Finale ("Dites-Moi") – Nellie, Ngana, Jerome and Emile

South Pacific Continued
Revivals: 1950 U.S. tour
1951 West End
1988 West End revival
2001 West End revival
2007 U.K. tour
2008 Broadway revival
2009 U.S. tour
South Pacific Continued
: The musical questioned Americans' values by focusing on the isues of race and power. It showed Americans about the need for racial unity and the necessity to break away from social injustices. Also, South Pacific shows a time of hardship in America. Around the time the play debuted, everyone knew someone who was in World War II, every other person knew someone drafted to the South Pacific, and ever fourth person knew someone who past away in that war.
The King and I was significant because it was very beautiful and elaborate and few musicals around this time could really afford to be so beautifully designed.
The musical has been revived few times and a film was even made.
In 1956, there was a revival in NY where Muriel Smith played her role again from the original musical.
In Lincoln Center, around 1964, another revival of the King and I musical was done.
And finally, there was another revival in the Adelphi Theatre in London in the fall of 1973
The King and I
(Film, 1956)
Deborah Kerr played Anna Leonowens.
Yull Brynner played King Mokut of Sam.
Rita Moreno played Tuptim.
Martin Benson played Kralahome.
Terry Saunders played Lady Siang.
Rex Thompson played Louis Leonowens.
Carlos Rivas played Lun Tha.
Patrick Adiarte played Prince Chulalongkorn.
Alan Mowbray played Sir John Hay.
Geoffrey Toone played SIr Edward Ramsway.

A Puzzlement
A Puzzlement (reprise)
Getting To Know You
Happy Land
Hello Young Lovers

School Song
Shall I Tell You What I Think Of You?
Shall We Dance?
Something Wonderful

I Have Dreamed
I Whistle A Happy Tune
I Whistle A Happy Tune (reprise)
My Lord And Master

Song of the King
We Kiss in a Shadow
Western People Funny
Song List of the Original Broadway Musical
• 'Maria' - Mary Martin
• 'Captain Von Trapp' - Theodore Bikel
• 'Mother Abbess' - Patricia Neway
• 'Max Detweiler' - Kurt Kasznar
• 'Baroness Schraeder' - Marion Marlowe
• 'Rolf' - Brian Davies, Jon Voight
• 'Liesl' - Lauri Peters

Original Broadway Cast on November 16th 1959
Director: Vincent J Donehue
Choreographer: Joe Layton
Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II
Original London Cast on May 18th 1961
'Maria' - Jean Bayliss , Sonia Rees
'Captain Von Trapp' - Roger Dann
'Mother Abbess' - Constance Shacklock
'Baroness Schraeder' - Enunice Gayson
'Max Detweiler' - Harols Kasket
'Liesl' - Barbara Brown
'Rolf' - Nicholas Bennett
'Sister Margaretta' - Olive Gilbert
Director: Jerome Whyte
Choreographer: Joe Layton
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Anna Leonowens was a teacher to the King of Siam's children who was a widow and had a son named Louis. Anna Leonowens was played by Gertrude Lawrence in the Original Broadway production and Louis was played by Sandy Kennedy.
The King of Siam was played by Yul Brynner in the Original Broadway production.
Lady Thiang was one of The King's wives and she was played by Dorothy Sarnoff in the Original Broadway production.
Lun Tha was a scholar that was in love with Tuptim, was a slave who was soon to be one of the King's wives. Lun Tha was played by Larry Douglas, and Tuptim was played by Doretta Morrow in the Original Broadway Production.
Prince Chulalongkorn was The King's oldest son and he was played by Johnny Stewart.
The Kralahome was the Prime Minister and he was played by John Juliano.
Songs from The Sound of Music
"The Sound Of Music"
"My Favorite Things"
"Do Re Mi"
"You are Sixteen"
"The Lonely Goatherd"
"How Can Love Survive?"
"So Long, Farewell"
"Climb Every Mountain"
(Some repeat)
Musical History
The Sound of Music wasn't meant to be a musical when it was still in the developmental stage. Vincent J Donehue got the idea to put together this play after watching a West German movie called The Trapp Family. The Sound Of Music was only supposed to feature songs from the Trapp Family and a few more original songs. However, after much consideration Donehue and Martin (etc.) agreed to create completely new songs but keep decided to keep some of the Von Trapp family background in the musical.
Summary/Character Analysis
Maria: Young woman, free spirited; gentle and kind
Mother Abbess: Motherly, authoritative but kind.
Max Detweiller: sophisticated man; enjoys life and is a good friend of the Von Trapps
Captain Georg von Trapp: Retired naval captain; depressed over the loss of his wife but he is warm and understanding
Original Cast
Maria is training to become a nun but when Captain von Trapp goes to the convent in search of a caretaker for his 7 children, Maria quickly takes the job. The Captain and his children are all depressed but when Maria comes to the house soon changes the environment.
Revival and Significance
There was a revival on February 6th, 1998 . However the plot stayed the same.
The Sound of Music is significant because play/movie watchers find themselves connecting with one or more of the characters.
Jerry Orbach - Billy Flynn
Chita Rivera - Velma Kelly
Gwen Verdon -Roxie Hart
Barney Martin - Amos Hart
Mary McCarty - Matron
M. O'Haughey - Mary Sunshine
Main character Roxie Hart kills her unfaithful partner and ends up in jail with her idol, Velma Kelly. Both are competing for the best lawyer. But later on they learn that being famous isn't as great as it seems.

Synopsis of "The King and I"
Anna Leonowens is a teacher form Britain who has a son and is a widow. She was hired to teach the children of the King of Siam. Tuptim is a slave girl who is going to be one of the King's new wives and she allows it to happen but she informs the King she will never love him. This is because she is in love with Lun Tha, a scholar. Anna now meets the rest of the Kings wives and they seem to like and enjoy her company. She teaches the children as she was hired to do. But, soon trouble arises when apparently many in the West of the world think lowly of The King's practice of polygamy. As the story unfolds, Anna and the King express their love through dance. Tuptim tries to escape with Lun Tha so they can be together but she is found and Lun Tha is killed. Months pass and Anna receives a letter from Chulalongkorn, the prince/King's oldest son, about the King being deathly ill. Anna stays with him till he dies and both she and Chulalonkorn and do all of his last wishes as he's ordered.
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