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Iwo Jima


Mason McClellan

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Iwo Jima

The Battle of Iwo Jima... How did the fight on Iwo Jima start? The battle on Iwo Jima started with the bombing of Pearl Harbour and the beginning of WW2. When the Americans first started their waves of attacks, they planned to capture the little islands around Japan. At first their plan was working but then they stumped upon a little island called Iwo Jima. It was swarmed with military but the Americans needed it and the Japanese wouldn't surrender it to them. The Americans needed it because when they were bombing the mainland of Japan, many japanese zero's ( airplanes ) and flak guns ( anti air artillery) damaged many of the bombers and escorts. So when the Americans found Iwo Jima there were many places where they could land the damaged B-29's and their escorts. The Japanese needed it because there they had stationed much of there military defence, in which they needed. So they fought to the death. When did the Fighting Start? What was Iwo Jima used for? It all started in early 1944 when the Americans started island hopping which was a main tactic in winning the war. Iwo Jima was first used by the Japanese as an outpost military base. Here they had Japanese military, and artillery. The island was led by three japanese commanders; Tadamichi, Kuribayashi, and Takeishi Nishi in which led their army combined to 22,000+ into one of the most tactical skilled military plan ever used in recorded history. Iwo Jima was such a hard island to capture for the U.S. because there bombing raids on the island had no affect at all. Many of the Japanese were stationed underground where 100's of cave channels led. In this case the Americans had to get their hands dirty and flush out the hiding force. When did Iwo Jima get taken over by the Americans? What did they do with it. The battle ended in late 1945. The Americans took it over with not merely as much casualties as the Japanese suffered. Americans lost 6,821 while the Japanese lost 18,591. It was mostly thanks to the sherman tanks equipped with flamethrowers. This is because when the Japanese were in their caves they would be stuck and would be faced with flames, while marines waited for the outside. Once taken over the Americans used it as an emergency landing sight for the damaged bombers. Since the island had been a help with the bombing of Japan; It helped end the war with an American victory.
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