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Claim vs. Counterclaim

No description

Kaitlin Felkins

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Claim vs. Counterclaim

Side One: For Homework
Side Two: Against Homework
Bell Ringer Activity
In your bell ringer notebook, write down...
1. Something you like and why you like it.
2. Next, write down why someone else would not like what you put in #1.
Real Life
That is an example of claim and counterclaim
Used in everyday life all of the time
Used in argument based papers as well
Why is it important to give both sides?
Claim: The overall thesis the writer will argue for.
Counterclaim: A claim that negates or disagrees with the thesis/claim.
Rebuttal: Evidence that negates or disagrees with the counterclaim.
Your Own Debate
1. Split the room in half
2. Each side gets one article and a side of the argument.
3. Within your group, come up with evidence that supports your side of the argument.
4. We will then let each side give their argument with evidence and then they will get the chance to give a rebuttal.
Exit Slips
On your own piece of paper, write down which side of the argument you side with and why, using the evidence given during the argument.
Claim vs. Counterclaim
Claim with Evidence
Claim with Evidence
Evidence that disagrees with your
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