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Ecosystem in a Bottle

No description

on 31 March 2017

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Transcript of Ecosystem in a Bottle

Gannon Camp
Hector Ortiz
Ryan Hilton
Ryan Lewis

Ecosystem Project
The Beginning
gravel (1 1/4 cups)
soil (fills up bottome of bottle)
net (holding dirt)
This is our ecosystem
snails (2 adults 1 baby)
crickets (3)
moss (1/3 of surface area)
plant on top bottle
slug (2)
fish (3 Danio Zebras)
worms (10)
aquatic plant (bottom bottle)
agopanthus (10cm)
alfalfa seeds
orange peels (5)
grass pieces (spread throughout surface area
Taking It Apart
As Days Go By
At the end when we took apart thre eco-system there were three worms left, two snails, one Danio Zebra, 4 ozs of dirt, and a little bit of rock.
Summary Slide
We started out making a plan. Once we made the bottle, we had snails, crickets, worms, and fish. Our water also started out clear. A snail crushed a cricket and the other 2 crickets naturally died. 2 fish died naturally. The baby snail was always on the back of an adult snail. The snails lived on the top of the bottle. After a couple of days the seeds we planted were growing. After a couple of weeks the seed plants were gone, the orange peels moldy, and the water brown. Most of the worms all fell into the water and the fish ate them. When we took our bottle apart, we found worms living in the dirt.

We learned that animals need a clean and natural habitat.

A success was that one of the fish and two of the snails lived.

A failure was that the water got gross and all the plants got moldy.

When the days went by a lot of things were changing. The worms were gone and the snails were at the top of the bottle. One time a worm went in the water and was eaten by a fish. The water changed from clear to brown and green in one week. There was a lot of snail poop on the bottle. One cricket died and our slug died too. The aquatic plant in our water started to shrink as the days went by. Soon it was gone.
DA fish
R.I.P. Curt, Kirt, and Kurt
R.I.P. Marshal and Marshall
In the begnning, we were deciding how we should make our ecosystem. Once we figured it out we borrowed dirt, rocks, and water. Ryan L. then bought 3 fish, 3 crickets, and 3 snails. After that we taped it all together and took observations.
top veiw
R.I.P . curt, k
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