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The Book Thief background

No description

Lacey McNelis

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of The Book Thief background

Major political events between 1940 and 1942
November 9-19, 1938- Kristallnacht- The night of broken glass
March 1939- Germany annexes Czechoslovakia
August 23- The Nazi- Soviet Non-Aggression Pact announced
September 1- Germany invades Poland
Major political events between 1938 and 1939
What Time Period
Molching, Germany
fictional setting
Himmel Street: "Heaven"
Munich, Germany
Nazism's birthplace
"Beer Hall Putsch"
Dachau camp
The Book Thief
What kind of government is in the story?
How Does this Positively Impact the Average Citizens
How does their society compare to our society?
Works Cited
Hitler elected chancellor of Germany
First concentration camp opened
Jewish shops boycotted
Nuremberg Laws takes away jewish rights
Yellow Star introduced
Jews persecuted
Start of the first death camp
Thousands of jews gassed
Death camps closed do to Russian advances
Hitler's suicide
"Rule by the people"
People elect representatives
Vote on laws and issues
freedom of speech
natural rights
Spring- deportation begins
April- May- Germany invades many countries
June- July 1942- over 62,000 Jews are killed
October 30 - Munich is bombed
December 7- Japan bombs United states
Nazi Party- government power, best homes, preferred treatment
Ordinary Citizens- financial security, self-belief
Women- having children was rewarded
Youth- culture, power over their parents
Opponents- none
Untermensch (subhuman)- none
"Timeline of events 1931-1945." Voices from the second world war. N.p.. Web. 28 Jan 2014.
"German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact." . History, n.d. Web. 28 Jan 2014.
How Does This Negatively Impact the Average Citizens
Nazi Party- none
Ordinary Citizens- no freedom of speech, low wages
Women- forced to give up jobs, child-bearers
Youth- breeding, the three C's
Opponents- cut off trade, anti-communist, concentration camps
Untermensch (subhuman)- Jews, gypsies, African Americans, mentally handicapped, and deaf people were executed
Led by Adolf Hitler
From 1933-1945
Outlawed after 1945
"How did Nazi rule affect Germans?." . N.p.. Web. 28 Jan 2014. <http://www.johndclare.net/Nazi_Germany3.htm>.
"Nazi Party." History.com. N.p.. Web. 28 Jan 2014. <http://www.history.com/topics/nazi-party>.
"Nazi Party." History.com. N.p.. Web. 28 Jan 2014. <http://www.history.com/topics/nazi-party>.
"The Book Thief Setting." Shmoop. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan 2014. <http://www.shmoop.com/book-thief/setting.html>.
Liesel is placed in a new home during a time where Hitler controls Germany. Throughout the story, Liesel and her new family must remain unnoticed and make sure to not attract unwanted attention, because they are harboring a dangerous secret. Liesel's only comfort during this time of war is her best friend named Rudy, her books that hold more than just words, and their house guest, Max Vandenburg.
"Holocaust Timeline." Timeline-Holocaust. History on the net, 15 May 2010. Web. 28 Jan 2014. <http://www.historyonthenet.com/Chronology/timelineholocaust.htm>.
"Munich Hstory Facts and Timelin." Munich History Facts and Timeline. N.p., 26 Jan 2014. Web. 28 Jan 2014. <http://www.world-guides.com/europe/germany/bavaria/munich/munich_history.html>.
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