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Catherine the Great is Great

No description

Kalina H

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Catherine the Great is Great

Through her husband, Catherine achieved great power. Catherine had over 12 lovers. Catherine the Great reformed the legal system. She did many things to help strengthen the economy. She favored nobility. Though she is mostly remembered for having many love affairs, Catherine the Great should be respected for all the things she achieved during her reign. She is a great example of a ruler who was absolute but also compassionate to her subjects. Perhaps this was just an act to solidify her power, but she truly was interested in the writings of the French Enlightenment, calling herself an Enlightened Despot. These absolute monarchs believed they could secure the well being of their subjects through benevolence instead of cruelty. By supporting the arts, education, the economy, and liberty, Catherine improved Russia’s wealth and prosperity, starting the Golden Age of Russia, or Catherinian Era. Catherine used many methods, both moral and immoral, to acquire and maintain secular and spiritual power. Catherine the Great was the most absolute ruler in Europe because of both her ambition and reforms. Catherine cut off all relations with France. Catherine made the Orthodox Church
under the control of the state. Without Catherine the Great, Russia would have never become one of the major forces in Europe. An efficient trading system, set of laws and centralized government were all formed under her command. She worked hard to secure her position as Empress by surrounding herself by her allies and stopping revolutionary ideas and people from disturbing her absolute rule. Taking control of both the spiritual and secular parts of Russia caused her to have this complete power. However, Catherine made sure the public believed she always acted for the good of the people. She even said in a speech, “What is certain is that I have never undertaken anything without having been intimately persuaded that what I was doing conformed to the good of my empire. This Empire had done everything for me--I believed that all my individual faculties, constantly employed for the good of this Empire, for its prosperity, for its superior interest, could hardly suffice to acquit myself towards it.” Catherine the Great certainly was very ambitious and reformed Russia many times; therefore, we should remember her as the most absolute ruler in Europe. Catherine the Great
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