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super novas!!!!!!!!!!

No description

Library Media

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of super novas!!!!!!!!!!

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli I`ll tell you about a super nova SUPER NOVA What would happen if there was a super nova? well first of all, you need to know what a super nova is. A super nova is a star 5,000,000 times bigger than the sun blowing up. What would happen is the heat would surely burn you, but if it did`nt (witch Wold never ever happen) You would freeze to your`e death, because there would be no sun. you don`t have to worry You don`t have to worry about it, you don`t have to board your`e house and, you don`t have to make a bomb shelter. Because That is not very likely to happen, maybe in 100,000,000,000, centuries. It happens in other galaxies Super novas happen in other galaxy`s But it has not happened yet in ours the, milky way. If you think you can survive a super nova you can`t because you can`t survive the sun exploding. Hard to calculate No one knows how big the sun is so you won`t know how big a star five million times bigger. Images of the Super novas the sun looks like a shrimp compared to a super nova star Hope you liked my prezi about
SUPER NOVA`S!!!!!! By: Ben the sun
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