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Tallinn Tech

No description

katre paavo

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Tallinn Tech

Why Estonia?
Dreams come true, just go and follow them!
Welcome to Tallinn Tech
Tallinn Tech collaborates with several international companies
Why Tallinn?
Strong start-up culture (Wired Magazine)
Living costs are affordable
Easy access to other Europe cities
Interesting cultural life with different events
Trendy lounges, bohemian restaurants
Why Tallinn Tech?
One of the most innovative and international universities in Europe
Public university
13 500 students, 1000 international students
Cooperation with world top universities and companies
Modern environment
22 international study programs
Best campus in the world (The Club of Rectors 2014)
Following Master programs are TUITION FREE!
Cyber Security (Digital Forensics)
Computer and system Engineering
Communicative Electronics
Industrial Engineering and Management
Environmental Management and Cleaner Production
Materials and Processes of Sustainable Energetics
Health Care Technology
Design and Engineering
E-Governance Technologies and Services
Technology of Wood and Plastic
Master's studies

Work and Organizational Psychology
International Business Administration (MBA)
International Relations and European-Asian Studies
Finance and Economic Analysis
Law (LL.M.)
Law and Technology (LL.M.)
Technology Governance - Innovation Policy and Development Economics
Master´s programs in English:
Tallinn Tech!
Bachelor's studies
International Business Administration (BBA)
International Relations
Engineering - Tuition free!
"The breath-taking nature, interesting culture, friendly people and modern buildings make my life and studies in Estonia very enjoyable."
Baolian Suo CHINA
"Library and also opportunities to do research in different labs were the best!"
Nino Maghradze GEORGIA
Students are saying:

"The relaxed and international atmosphere made TUT a very positive experience to me. I totally enjoyed my whole studies. The program was in English and included many interesting courses for example about strategy which helped me to do my future job better.
Antti Paajanen, FINLAND
International Tallinn Tech
Over 1000 international students from 75 countries:
Top 1 European country for stay during the studies! (ESN Survey)
Top 10 European country for studies! (ESN SURVEY)
Cleanest air in the World (WHO 2013)
Modern market-based economy
Fastest growing economy in the EU
Tallinn Tech
Tallinn Tech


Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook were founded by young entrepreneurs. Could you be building the next star technology start up?
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Business Model Innovation
Entrepreneur Prototyping
Innovators Speed Date and Team Marriage
Entrepreneurs Failure Pitching
James Bond Innovation Challenge
Star Trek Innovation Challenge
Hands on Innovation Lab
Lego Lab Prototyping
Failure Pitching
Pitching for Venture Capitalists
A change-maker don’t have time to waste –
Get inspired in European Innovation Academy

Scholarships, discounts available until
1st of May 2013

Student life
Student organizations:
robots-, photo-, culture-club, folk dance, chorus, student theater
International Club:
out-of-town trips, international dinners, company visits, theme events …
Sports Center:
table-tennis, basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, gym …
1. Online application
2. Documents
3. Application fee 100€
Summer School
English Language and Nordic Culture
- American tutor
- Toefl ITP
- Accommodation
- Lunch
- Trips to Sweden and Finland
- Estonia trips
- Transportation

Early bird 2500€ until 30 April!
English Language Prep-Year
- 1 academic year
- preparation for academic
future in English
- TOEFL ITP test

Early Bird 1st of May 3500€
General price 4000€


~13 500 students
~1000 international students
8 Faculties
13 Faculty research centers
21 labs
22 International Study programmes
2100 degrees annually
~60,000 alumni
60 different student organizations

"Every small idea can lead to something big!"
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