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Renaissance vs. Baroque Art

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Madison Parris

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Renaissance vs. Baroque Art

Renaissance vs. Baroque Art
by: Maddie Parris

Renaissance Art
The Renaissance era was a time of rebirth and revival. The investigation into classical art, literature and education became the main focus at this time. During this era individualism, secularism, realism and materialism were communicated through art.
Cupid by Michelangelo
The main differences between the two art periods is what and who they were focused on. While Michelangelo's beautiful sculpture is not on the power of man, it does show the power of love and where love comes from. Bernini's art piece of the man with all the coins at his feet point to the materialism that had overtaken the world and was exposing that idol to everyone through his art. Both sculptors presented their cultures values through their art in a beautiful way.
Rio De Plata by Gian Bernini
Looking at this art you may not realize it is a sculpture from the Baroque period right away. But, the artist, Bernini, made hints to the individualism and materialism that had taken over the culture. He shows this through all the coins placed at the feet of the man and the intricate facial expression.
Baroque Art
The Baroque period was a calling back to the church. Starting in the Catholic church, the Baroque period took the focus off of materialism, individualism and secularism; starting shortly after the Protestant Reformation. This took the focus off of man as their own god and put it back onto God.
This art piece by Michelangelo exemplifies the Renaissance period. This sculpture of Cupid is a secular piece, as it means our love is coming from Cupid and not God. It also shows individualism, a look back at ourselves, how we should love and be loved.
This art piece was made to look ancient by Michelangelo. He aged the sculpture with acid.
The sculpture answers the questions: what is love? where does it come from?
Cupid is made to look like he is sleeping, his eyes are closed and his head is tilted back.
This piece shows how the renaissance era was turning away from God, going to others for answers. The looked to worldly ideas, such as cupid, to find their answers for where life and love come from. Michelangelo showed this in the way he created a young boy, a god of love.
This art piece is a part of a collection of art by Berini found in a public fountain in Italy. This piece shows the riches that had overtaken the culture. The fear found on the man's face is to symbolize the fear of the rich men who were scared to lose their money. Their also a connection between the riches of the other cultures that were being offered to Europe in that time. This piece really exemplifies the value of money that is where looked to get their power from.
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