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1. The World of Common Day

No description

Mark Grabkowski

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of 1. The World of Common Day

1. The World of Common Day
Emmet is a construction worker. He does the same thing every day and is happy with it. Everyone is the same and boring, daily life is routine, and society controls everything, but everyone is okay with it
2. The Call to Adventure
Emmet falls down a hole after work and finds the piece of resistance, which is a cap to a crazy glue bottle. He passes out and has a vision after touching it. In vision wizard tells him he is "The Special" and that he must save the world.
3. Refusal of The Call
Emmet wakes up in custody of a bipolar police officer named Bad Cop. Bad Cop tells Emmet that Lord Business plans to superglue the world. Emmet is rescued by a girl named Wyldside who can build thing without an instruction manual. As they're running she tells Emmet to build something but he chokes and doesn't know how.
4. Meet With Mentor
Meets with the wizard from the vision. He tells him that he must become a master builder to save the world. Emmet tells them he saw a human's hand, which proves to the Wizard that he is "The Special"
5. Cross the Threshold
Emmet, Wyldise and the Wizard go to a meeting with all the rest of the Master Builders to come up with a plan to defeat Business. Bad Cop tracks them down and chases them. they run.
6. Tests, Allies, And Enemies
Everyone is captured except for Emmet, Batman, Wyldside, the Wizard and a few others. They must infiltrate Business HQ and rescue their friends so they head towards there. Emmet builds a double decker couch, showing that he's slowly learning the ways of a master builder.
7. Approach The Inmost Cave
The crew sneaks into Business HQ in disguise to rescue friends and fight Business.
8. Supreme Ordeal
Wizard is killed by Business. Piece of resistance falls off edge of universe. Emmet ends up with self destruct device on him that will kill him and all his friends. He jumps off the edge of the universe to save his friends and get piece of resistance.
9. Reward
Ends up in real world. Will Ferel scolds son for screwing up his legos. Son tells WIll that he's just trying to have fun and that legos are meant for kids anyway. Will has a change of heart and puts Emmet back with the Piece of Resistance.
10. The Road Back
Emmet builds robot to help fight Business. Tells everyone he met "The Man Upstairs"
11. Resurrection
Emmet tells Business that he has the capability to be "The Special" too, and that everyone does. Business has change of heart and uses piece of resistance to cap the krazy glue he tried to use to freeze the world.
12. Freedom to Live
World is saved. Emmet and Wlydside start dating. Kid can play with Legos. Everyone is happy.
The Lego Movie Hero journey
by Mark And Gustavo
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