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The Aftermath of the Holocaust

No description

Lauren Boudreaux

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of The Aftermath of the Holocaust

The Aftermath At the end of World War II, there were eight million survivors of The Holocaust. Most of them were able return to their home countries however at least two million could not. These people were put in Displaced Persons Camps (DP Camps).
The camps were administered by the United Nations
Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.
In 1945, President Truman wanted Great Britain
to grant 100,000 visas into Palestine for Jews in the
DP camps. However, Britain only gave 6,000 visas and
40,000 Jews emigrated illegally. The Nuremberg Trials were conferences
between the allies to discuss legal actions for German War Criminals. Israel was established as a Jewish state in 1948.
Many survivors of the Holocaust were the first citizens
of Israel. After the Holocaust,
Neo-Nazi groups emerged.
They shared the same beliefs as Hitler and most denied
that the Holocaust ever occured.
Contrary to the beliefs of Neo-Nazi groups, in 1980 the
United States Holocaust Memorial Council was formed
to build a United States Memorial Museum to the Holocaust
in Washington, D.C. The governments of the Allies did thier best to
give the victims of the Holocaust a normal life.
But the effects of the Holocaust are still felt today
among Jewish communities around the world. "Think about what you saw"
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