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Marquis De Lafayette - The Hero of Two Worlds

This prezi is about Marquis de Lafayette and his claim to fame in both the American and French Revolution: Hero of two Worlds or Hero des deux mondes

Benjamin Parsons

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Marquis De Lafayette - The Hero of Two Worlds

I Who was
V Marquis de Lafayette?
Before the Wars
The French Revolution
French Revolution Cont... + Marquis' Affects!
by Benjamin Parsons

General Washington ordered doctors to take special care of Marquis and ignited a long lasting friendship untl Washington's death.
Previously, beofre leaving France King Louis XVI told Marquis that he was not allowed to go to America and upon return to France in February 1779 the king of placed Marquis under
house arrest for 8 days. But he returned ever
triumphant. While in America Benjamin Franklin's
son presented him with a golden sword. Making
his quality work more known to the public. He was
told by to discuss the affairs of the estates. He
was told to represent the second estate, but
even so he fought for the third when he argued
that voting should be

by the head not by
the estate, for if the
estate voted then they
would overturn the third estate,
and if the head voted then the third estate would
overturn everyone else, so within a few days the
chamber doors were locked and kept third
estate members and representatives from
entering. Lafayette joined the third
estate; he agreed them, and took the
Tennis Court Oath and drafted
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and
of the Citizen.
Marquis de Lafayette was a brilliant war general of both the American and French Revolution. To put quite simply he was very sucessful in his efforts, but had very few problems in his affairs.
He started out in the royal army when he was only 14 and even then did surprisingly well.

His father died in war and his mother and grandfather died to some unknown cause. He already had a lot of things in line to inherit from inherits.
Marquis de Lafayette was born on September
6th, 1757 with the hilariously long name
"Marie Joseph Paul Yves Rooche Gilbert du Mortier, Marquis de Lafayette" .

He started out in the Royal Army in 1771 at age 14 before marrying Marie Adrienne Francoise de noailles.

When he was 18 he became involved with the
affairs of the Revolution sparking in America
when hearing about it from the Duke of
Gloucester. Rather more excited for the war
than sympathetic as the Duke was, Marquis
packed his things and traveled to the
America's to help fight for the American cause,
despite what the French king had said about his
He even helped out the general in Valley Forge during that cold winter. He
outwitted generals and even forced stalemates to prevent further
desasters towards the end of the war, and even has a national landmark
named after him dubbed "Lafayette Hill" , where "Bunker Hill" once stood.
They allowee him to join the continental army and foughht many battles. He met general George Washington, the future first president of the United States after being shot in the leg and wounded.
...After that the Bastille was stormed.
Marquis after that didn't really fight in any battle but
he semi-supported Napoleon in his efforts to fight off the
Jacobin cause. After the death of George Washington he returned
to America to assist Thomas Jefferson with numerous amounts of
political and economical issues.
Upon returning to France in 1792 he was put in charge of an army
during an uprising in Austria, a jacobin uprising caused him to fled to
Belgium where he was captured by Austrian forces and held at a
Prussian prison for five years until finally freed by Napoleon during his
clash with the Prussain empire. He then toured the US but once
returning permanenantly to France he actually began a life of
finance and was being payed for his war efforts. He died after
getting pneumonia in 1834.
Upon arriving in America he greeted congress in Philidelphia
to discuss his assistance with the American uprising. At first
the colonial leaders denied him but he quickly gained their interest
by impressing them with his devotion and perserverace.

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