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Target Business Plan Competition 2013

No description

Carly Hendrix

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Target Business Plan Competition 2013

pharmacy at your fingertips
Alan Beers
Brian Gawronski
Carly Hendrix
Morgan Long
Michael Sherwood
Target has a tech-savvy population

Over half of US adults own smart phones

Great opportunities to market to "cross-channel" guests

At present
App differs across devices

Lack of integration between applications

Underutilization of pharmacy services within the app
Expand pharmacist presence online

Provide virtual Target pharmacy services

Reach out to tech-savvy population

More guests in-store
Must innovate & differentiate

Competitors rewards programs

Mail-order pharmacies
Revise and revamp Target’s current rewards program

Recruit more "cross-channel” guests

Increase on-line pharmacy services

Enhance utilization of technology
My Virtual Pharmacy

Bullseye bucks
Current programs
Target “Cartwheel” & the Target mobile app

“Target Pharmacy Rewards” and “Target REDcard”

Target Brand: “Expect More, Pay Less”

current app
My Virtual Pharmacy

Bullseye bucks
Expanded virtual pharmacy services

Added app features

Ability to collect guests' data

Foster guest loyalty

Increased pharmacist accessibility

Drive profitability
After implementation
Creating new software

Updating existing hardware

Pharmacist work-flow and multi-tasking
Expanded guest base

Guest rewards

Expands Target pharmacy on-line

Future developments
Guests’ privacy issues

Competitor advancements
Future developments
Use tablets for other pharmacy tasks

Increase rewards

Expand on-line services
Online & in-store shopping

Comprehensive retailer

Pharmacists’ knowledge and skills

Well known & trusted brand
"pharmacy at your fingertips"
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