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Events that led to the Age of Exploration

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shisha roo

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Events that led to the Age of Exploration

Module 2 Lesson 2 Mastery Assignment
Describe what led Spain to invest in expeditions and what territory they claimed.
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella followed the inspiration of Portugal to gain control of the Asian spice trade. (It would appear Portugal started a chain reaction). (Jarvis, 2013)
They were determined to reconquer territories lost to Muslim expansion because of this, a spirit of optimism was in the air.
Spain tallied up the cost and found that sending three ships on a voyage into the unknown was about as expensive as entertaining a foreign dignitary for a few weeks!
They had seen the benefits from exploration accruing to the Portuguese, so Queen Isabella decided to take a chance on Columbus. (W.J.)
They later acquired Central and Southern America; defeating the Aztecs and the Incas. (Jarvis, 2013)

Describe what led France to invest in expeditions and what territory they claimed?
Competed with England for land in Europe. Encouraged French trade companies to establish dominance in the New World (Jarvis, 2013)
The French were somewhat slow to develop an interest in the New World. It was only after a French privateer captured a Spanish ship laden with Mexican gold and silver that attentions were directed westward.
Spurred by dreams of great wealth, Francis I , dispatched three navigators to the New World, the first two of whom were instructed to discover a Northwest Passage to India! ( "" )
The French controlled fur trade from Louisiana to Quebec! (Jarvis, 2013)

Describe what led England to invest in expeditions and what territory they claimed.

Overall, these efforts in the late 1500s were not successful. The rumored all-water route through North America to Asia was not discovered, nor were appreciable amounts of gold or silver.
In the 1600s finally experiencing some domestic stability, the English pushed to catch up to other European countries in the New World to gain profit, land, and religious freedom. (Jarvis, 2013)
England's early endeavors in the Western Hemisphere trailed in the pursuit of those of Spain and France,.
However, English interest in the New World would pick up steam in the early years of the 17th century when two major domestic changes occurred. ("")
Land acquired :: established colonies along the East Coast of modern day United States (Jarvis, 2013)
Final slide needs to be a citation page.
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W.J., Rayment. "The Age of Exploration." In Depth Info. W.J. Raymen, n.d. Web. 10 Sep 2013. <http://www.indepthinfo.com/history/age-of-exploration.htm

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Jarvis , Stacey. "The Age of Exploration." NCVPS.Mrooms. NCVPS, n.d. Web. 10 Sep 2013.
Events that led to the Age of Exploration
There were many events that lead to the Age of Exploration. However, you have to keep in mind that one event linked to and caused another, creating a chain reaction! Events like such would include....
The Renaissance and Reformation
Events that led to The Age of Exploration
The advancement in technology
This causes trade to increase
People to read
Also an advancement in science
And it is no longer sinful to seek things such as fame and glory!
And it is no longer sinful to seek things such as fame and glory!
The advancement in technology
This causes trade to increase
People to read
Also an advancement in science
And it is no longer sinful to seek things such as fame and glory! (Jarvis, 2013)
Factors that encouraged exploration!
Search for spices and wealth: Italy controlled the Mediterranean trade and the Ottomans controlled the overland routes to India and Asia! This meant new sea routes had to be found.

The desire to spread Christianity throughout the world!

The ability to use new technology!

Henry the Navigator had a major influence in exploration! He was the Portuguese prince who brought together scientists, mapmakers, and shipbuilders together to share their knowledge and make travel safer. He also was the first to send out explorers for Portugal—Bartolommeo Dias and Vasco de Gama!

(Jarvis, 2013)
Just Remember!
For GOD, GOLD, and GLORY!!!
(for all is associated with this)
Luxury goods from Asia become popular and have a great potential to make money
People are intellectually advanced and read stories about foreign lands
New special equipment for sailing such as maps, astrolabe, caravel, and compasses made traveling on the ocean easier and safer.
Explorers ready to start their adventure were able to find crew members who wanted to make money and find new routes to India and Asia. (Jarvis, 2013)
Merchants arose to seek those luxury items (goods and spices) from Asia wanting or seeking wealth
Other countries sought new routes to Asian countries as well!
By: Allyssa Bishop

Describe what led Portugal to invest in expeditions and what territory they claimed.
Although Portugal lacked the wealth and population of its contemporaries, it would lead the European community in the exploration of sea routes to the African continent, the Atlantic Islands, and to Asia and South America over the course of the sixteenth century("')
Prince Henry the Navigator wanted to improve Portugal’s Navy. (Jarvis, 2013)
He brought together mapmakers, scientists, ship builders and sailors allowing Portugal to become a pioneer in maritime exploration! (Jarvis, 2013)
With the encouragement and financial support of Prince Henry the Navigator Portuguese sailors began to work their way down the coast of Africa.In the process of that they found that by establishing "factories" (really trading stations) along the coast they could turn a profit that would finance further exploration. ("")
Territory they ultimately claimed : East Coast of South America!! (Jarvis, 2013)
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