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Canada, 1929-1945

A time line of important events from 1929 through to 1945

Sean McCarthy

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Canada, 1929-1945

Canada 1929-1945 1929 - The Stock Market crashes People lose their investments in the stock market and many lose their life savings 1931 - Canada signs the statute of Westminster Canada gains the control of foreign affairs, it is a
major step towards Canadian Sovereignty 1933 - The Depression hits its lowest point 30% of Canada's workforce is out of work
one fifth of the population is dependent on
government aid 10 September 1939 - Canada declares war on Germany Canadian soldiers departing for Germany 1942 - August 19, Disaster at Dieppe 3367 Canadians killed, injured or captured Fallen Canadians at Dieppe 1943 - 10 July, Canada invades Sicily with other allied troops Canadian troops fighting in Sicily, Canadians fought and liberated
Sicily and mainland Italy between 1943-44 1944 - Canada takes part in the D-Day invasion, fighting and capturing Juno Beach Canadians had 359 dead, 574 wounded, and 47 captured soldiers 1945 - May 8th VE day Germany surrenders, ending the war in Europe 1945 - 15 August, VJ day, Japan surrenders putting an end to WWII THE END
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