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e-cigarettes hi summi

No description

sierra mukai

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of e-cigarettes hi summi

The ingredients in E-Cigarettes:
some of the interesting flavours include: coffee, juicy peach, milk chocolate, orange cream, peppermint, pina colada, energy drink, rich-vanilla, coca-cola, caramel, cowboy (what's that supposed to taste like?!), cinnamon, almond, bubble gum, cheesecake, sweet tarts, swedish fish, peach-mango, wintergreen, redbull, root beer, maple bar, Mt. dew, cotton candy, lemonade, bacon, and of course, tiger's blood.
By: Sierra Mukai
Pros And Cons
-Even though it would be best if smokers stopped completely, E-cigarettes are a better choice.
-You don't have to carry a lighter everywhere you go.
-They don't contain tobacco.

Some E-Cigarettes are candy flavoured, so it might be appealing to kids.
-it would be easier to hide it behind your parents because they don't smell like tobacco, thus making it hard for parents to tell if their kids are 'vaping'.
Are They Safer?
The most important difference between the two cigarettes is that e-cigarettes don't contain tobacco. However, tobacco isn't the only ingredient that causes cancer. There are many ingredients in regular cigarettes that are harmful to your body but there aren't as many in e-cigarettes. Both types of cigarettes contain nicotine which makes them highly addictive. So, if you stop using them, you will experience some symptoms such as headaches, irritability, or depression. So far, e-cigarettes are thought to be safer than regular cigarettes but no one is ABSOLUTELY SURE if they actually are safer because cancer takes years to develop and e-cigarettes have just recently been introduced to the U.S.
What is an e-cigarette?
An e-cigarette is an electric cigarette made of stainless steel or plastic. It is supposed to mimic an ordinary cigarette but it doesn't contain tobacco, although it does contain nicotine as well as some other ingredients. These ingredients are packed in a small bottle which is called e-juice. Some e-cigarettes are disposable, have rechargeable batteries or refillable cartridges.
a liquid alcohol that is used as anti freeze, in the food, plastic and perfume industries.
a liquid made from oils such as palm oil or soy oil. Its in many household items such as lotions, shampoo and toothpaste.
pros and cons
you don't have to carry a lighter where ever you go.
even though it would be best if smokers stopped completely, they are a better choice.
they don't contain tobacco.
some e-cigarettes (or e-juice) are candy flavored which might make it appealing to kids.
it would be easier for kids and teenagers to hide it from their parents because they wouldn't smell like tobacco.
the e-juice contains nicotine making it very addictive.
distilled water-
basicly purified water.
propylene glycol-
now for the cons
they don't require matches which makes it easy for children to try them.
this question remains a mystery...
vegetable glycerin-
nicotine concentrate-
basicly a very strong nicotine
you can save a lot of money. it costs about $20.00 a week and can save you at least $2,000 in a year.
there are about 7,000 different flavors!
an atomizer heats the e-juice and turns it into vapor. the vapor can then be inhaled and creates a vapor cloud that resembles regular cigarette smoke.
the end
in case you don't know what these ingredients are:
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