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My Favourite Organism - Owls!

No description

Amy Williams

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of My Favourite Organism - Owls!

Owls My Favourite Organism Owls are consumers, because they eat other
organisms in order to survive. Humans have affected the ecosystem of my
organism by polluting the air and water, littering and
letting the trash eventually end up in the ecosystem,
cutting down trees where they live, building roads or
houses in the ecosystem. Mice eat grass seed, rabbits eat mice, owls eat rabbits/mice, snakes eat mice/rabbits, wildcats eat rabbits/mice, hawks eat owls. The primary competitor of an owl is wildcats, and snakes.
They like to eat rabbits, or mice. The owl is my favourite organism
because I think they are interesting
animals, and I think they are cool
looking. Owls can be found in terrestrial ecosystems Thanks for watching! By: Amy Williams :) What would happen to the ecosystem if owls went extinct is
that since owls are competing with wildcats, and snakes for mice and rabbits, the population of those would increase since owls aren't eating them, and hawks or eagles would die off soon because those are an energy source for them. Owls get their energy from mice, rats and rabbits. Food Chain
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