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Museum Tour Spring Break!

No description

Chris McEachron

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of Museum Tour Spring Break!

Museum Tour
themes and ideas
Stickers on books to indicate their home exhibit
Wind tunnels on the ceiling!
Intercom communication for kiddos!
Songs and recipes for kids!
Fun and weird light stuff!
Children's book original illustrations
Really cool gift shop!
Banking wind tunnel!
Vet office!
Non-facilitated face painting!
Communication between exhibits!
Color-coded sheet music!
Really cool business cards!
Real time guest feedback!
Slightly unnerving 1970 children's TV exhibit...
Passive kids' programming
Vet clinic!
STEAM stuff that can be checked out
Inter-exhibit mail delivery
Little tables, table cloths, and fundraising
Book of the history of the musuem
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