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Daniel Zhu

Mrs. Waggoner

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Mummies

By Daniel Zhu Animal could be mummy, too.
In Egypt are usually cats and birds.
This on is a goat.They usually make cat mummies because they think cats have some special power. Coffin and The mummy.
The coffin's face is exactly
like,the alive people. The mummy is
in the glass container. Mummy is a body that has been preserved through natural and artificial means.The most famous mummies come from Egypt. When making mummies, the body need to be dehydrated.The body will be stuffed with straw, linen, or moss after it had been dehydrated.
people will make them coffins after it's done. Egyptian people removed people's brains with hook through the nose. Egyptian people were dehydrating the body. They were wrapping it with linen strips.Before they wraped it, they stuffed it with straws, linen, and moss. Mummies usually burial in underground tomb. Pharaoh's mummies are burial in the pyramid. They burial with Egyptian activities, jewelry, amulets. Mummies are not only in Egypt. After the famous leader of china, Mao Zedong died, he became a mummy, he's mummy is still in Beijing. Ice man is also a mummy.These three kind of mummies made in different ways. This is a short video
about mummification.
Dehydrated, wrapping,
important makings. Don't be afraid about mummies,they're
always dead. Heh, heh......
Bye! After the scientists discover a mummy,
they need to check it, and study it. The end.
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