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Dredon Kelly Essay

No description

dre-dre kelly

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Dredon Kelly Essay

Dredon Kelly has some funky fresh hairstyles. In this one, he had to get his name cut into his head because he couldn't remember it. I am trying to show the life of Dredon Kelly, what he does to stay fit, and the things he does to inspire other people. He defies gravity. In this picture, Dredon is holding himself up with his arms on a pole. It helps build upper body strength because you are holding yourself up with only your arms and holding your whole body up sideways. He's totally fly , right Mr. van de laar. :D Dredon Kelly Photo Essay He has a good relationship with his relatives. The haircuts he gets are different because he likes being original and unique so he mixes everything up and does creative styles. (But his mom doesn't aprove of it so whenever she leaves him at the barber shop alone, he asks the barber to do it and that makes him a rebel.) As you can see, there is an mvp trophie in his hand because he won mvp of the year in 2009. A lot of people say that he is very talented. Yes, he does take a lot of pictures of himself but it is only so he can post them on facebook. In this picture his soccer team; Windsor F.C. Nationals,won their season. He doesn't just like soccer, he is into other sports like football and basketball. In this picture, he is trying to show how good he is at soccer by deaking his baby sister out. Now that's cool! This goes to show how much he doesn't like books. Can you believe that?, it was so boring that he fell asleep. One of the things that he does that hopefully inspires people is he eats healthy, and he stays fit by being physically active. His nationality is Jamaican. Another thing that he does that probably inspires people is, he goes to church and he is a christian. He can also do a backflip. As you can see, almost all the things about me, and another thing you might have noticed is that I take a lot of pictures of myself but just like I said, it is only to post on facebook. My Connections I choose those kind of haircuts because I feel comfortable with them, and it can inspire other people to do the same. Thank you for watching my prezi!!!
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