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Wind Energy

No description

mahlon robinson

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Wind Energy

Wind Energy Wind Energy-

Benefits Cost
Cons Wind energy has some
down sides to it as well.
Mainly the fact that 60 foot
tall wind turbines have to be
installed. Some people claim
that the turbines are an "eye sore." Wind Energy is the best
source of energy because
the only thing it requires
is wind to produce useable
energy. It is good for the
environment because it does
not call for chopping down
of trees or digging of dirt. When the first wind tubines came
out(1980) the wind generated energy
cost as much as 30 cents. That doesnt seem
like a lot, but now because of better energy
plants, its as low as 5 cents/kwh. The average turbine ranges from $4000-$9000. Is energy that is made by the
movement of the wind. By:Mahlon Robinson
and Diego Sebastian America and wind Energy America uses wind energy
in some states. Like Texas and Arizona
where there is plenty of wind to
turn the turbines at a constant rate.
It takes up to 35mph worth of wind to rotate
the blades only once. Thats alot of wind when it
comes down to it. Thats why some states want
these turbines, but the environment around them doesn't allow it. fg vzsa Wind energy in
Bowling Green? Although Bowling Green as an
average wind speed of 15mph daily,
that doesnt even come close to the
amount needed to spin the blades of
the turbines once. So Bowling Green
could not use wind as a source of
energy. lk Could we do this at BGHS? We could not use a full
size turbine, due to the
fact that there is not enough
wind to turn the blades. But
we could minimize the size and
use it to power the lights in one
class room. Sources
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