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Kangarusski 2013

No description

Sasha Klyachkina

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Kangarusski 2013

Kangarusski 2013
the experience


The Madrichim Gleb&Tania

The Israeli Tour Guide
The Kangarusskis
watching Russian cartoons on the plane...
tasting Israeli food...
riding camels in the desert...
kayaking in the North...
"Prior to Birthright I don’t believe I had a strong conception of what it meant to be Jewish as I was not brought up in a very Jewish way. Furthermore I felt no connection to Israel, other Jews or to the Jewish tradition or customs. This trip has made me aware of my own Jewish identity; it has made me feel proud to be Jewish, and has definitely established the connection between myself, Israel and other Jewish people. "
"I used to be quite cynical about upholding tradition and customs and did not attach much importance to my past. This attitude has completely changed – I now feel engaged with the Jewish community and have a new found desire to learn more about Judaism and to take a greater role in my Jewish community back home. "
"I am now a changed person – never before did I believe I could grow so much in such a brief time. "
"Exploring Israel, its cultures and Judaism has been life changing. I have loved meeting amazing people from all over the world and also learning new things about myself. "
"To feel at home with like-minded people of same nationality and background was truly amazing. To share our history, present and future with these people was something you could never find doing it any other way. Imagine 40 odd crazy Russians dominating Jerusalem on Shabbat?! "
"Thank you for an unforgettable life changing experience!"
"I felt so lucky to have this experience with people who had very little knowledge about Judaism and see them feel such a strong connection also. This trip really changed everyone’s thoughts on their Jewish identity and will and has changed their lives in a very positive way. "
"I feel very lucky to have been given this amazing opportunity which has truly changed me and I look forward to contributing to it in the future and going back to Israel. "
"Supported by a clearly carefully selected team of leaders my group has evolved from just a random number of people from all over Australia, into a strong and cultures unbreakable family – much like the wider global Jewish community. "
"My personal ten day experience has completely changed me as a person. With purely Taglit to thank, 40 unique Russian-speaking Australian Jews now have a reason to be proud of their rich heritage and ancestry."
"Now when I will be going back, I won't be going home, I will be just going to Australia. Because home is here now..."
RSJ Moishe House
Volunteering with Holocaust survivors
Kabalot Shabbat and Holidays
Hebrew learning
KangarussKEY to LEADERSHIP Training Program
We want to thank everyone who made this trip possible, and made it what it was - an amazing and meaningful life changing journey.

We asked the participants before the trip:
What are you expecting from Birthright?

And they said...

and they sure had FUN!
So we asked the participants after the trip:
What did you get from Birthright?

And they said...

And this is what they told us
about the change...
So what now?

And everyone
is looking forward to
Kangarusski Birthright 2014...
starting October 2013
starting September 2013
talking about
talking about
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