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"If I Forget Thee , Oh Earth"

No description

Sam Tepsa

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of "If I Forget Thee , Oh Earth"

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
"If I Forget Thee , Oh Earth . . ."

Title, Opening Line, and Closing Line
Examples of Irony
"If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth . . . " is written in English.
This is Australia
The title of this short story originates from the Book of Psalm, which is a book of sacred songs, hymns, and poetry. The title comes form Psalm 137:5, "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem". (The destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonian army)
-The setting of this story takes place on the moon.
-The time period is in the near of far future.
-The costumes would be space suits.
-The reason this setting is important is that without a setting like this the message the author tries to send would be useless.
.The plot involves a father and sons journey
along the moon.
.Some major plot points are when the father and son duo finally reach their destination.
.The plot provokes feeling of fear because of the fact that what happens in this story can happen at any time.

The title "If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth. . ." is perfect for the short story because the title shows that the Colony on the Moon does not wish to forget where they came from and want to remember their origins. To them Earth is their only true home.

"It would be centuries yet before that deadly glow died from the rocks and life could return again to fill that silent, empty world." - (pg. 168)
"...the Colony had learned that never again would the supply of ships come flaming down through the stars with gifts from home...the radio stations had ceased to call...the lights of the cities had dimmed and died...they were alone...carrying in their hands the future of the race." - (pg. 168)
People should respect the Earth and take care of it.
Your actions and those of others always have consequences.
Author's Writing
More formal
Marvin- The only character with a name.
Adventurous, 10 years old, the story is told through his eyes tells of his journey to see the earth for the first time in his life. Hoping to see what his father had described to him Marvin is shocked to see the post apocalyptic Earth in the distance just as we are.
Marvin's Father- Not much to say about Marvin's Dad other than the fact he too may have gone on this journey with his dad when he turned ten.
Very descriptive writing in both the scene with Marvin and his dad riding along the surface of the moon and when Marvin first sees Earth are in great detail.
If people pollute the earth there will be future bad events that effect the lifestyle of people.
Old English
Uses terminology that is more uncommon today
Think before you act.
Author: Arthur C. Clarke
"The smell of life was everywhere, wakening inexpressible longings in his heart: no longer was he breathing the dry, cool air of the residential levels, purged of all smells but the faint tang of ozone." - (pg. 165) Marvin's journey towards going Outside.
"But unless there was a goal, a future towards which it could work, the Colony would lose the will to live, and neither machines nor skill nor science could save it then." - (pg. 168)
The opening line in the story is significant because it helps the reader understand what is going on in the story and helps them have a better understanding of the situation.
The ending line is also significant because it shows that Marvin thinks that the Earth, which was something that he though to be glorious, was wasted , or polluted, because of the actions of people. You can also determine that Mavin will carry down his father's dream, that someday the Colony will be able to return to Earth after the radioactive pollution goes away, to his own son.
Prezi by Sam, Joe, and Holly
Prezi by Sam, Joe, and Holly
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