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FSI2012: Using QR Codes for Mobile Learning

Presented at FSI 2012 on May 14. In this session, you will explore uses for QR codes in the classroom and create sample QR codes.

Stephanie Richter

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of FSI2012: Using QR Codes for Mobile Learning

What are they? How do you scan them? How do you teach with them? How do you make them? 2-D barcode Text URL 1. i-nigma.com 2. Type your text 3. Save image Similar to UPC codes Uses a matrix Scanned by apps on mobile devices http://www.thedaringlibrarian.com/2010/12/qr-code-at-glance-comic-tutorial.html Can contain text or a link Smartphone
or other device with a camera QR Reader app
Recommended: i-nigma Internet Connection Quiz! 1. Go to bitly.com 2. Paste URL and click Shorten 3. Click InfoPage+ 4. Save image ** Tracks activity if you have a bitly account Stephanie Richter Instructional Technologies Coordinator Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center How are they used? Mostly in marketing Can be plain, color, or vanity Originally to track inventory Project, print, or post online To distribute malware or phish Scavenger Hunt Recruitment Quiz Study Guide Additional materials Social Media Codes QR Using for Mobile Learning qrchocolates.com bluemarblebrand.com zazzle.com/rainforest dynotag.com When were QR Codes invented? 1 What does QR stand for? 2 What percent of college students own smartphones? 3 http://j.mp/JoX4YE Multimedia resources Lab Procedures Orientation Voice 1. Go to qrvoice.net 2. Type in your text 3. Choose a playback language 4. Click "Generate QR-voice" 5. Save image @slrichter Other sites qrhacker.com qrstuff.com kaywa.com Download a QR Reader while you wait! i-nigma QR Reader QR Droid
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