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Nuetzel Prezumé

The online Resume for Andy Nuetzel that allows you to gain an introduction into my teaching background and methods

Andy Nuetzel

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Nuetzel Prezumé

Web Tools
a Professional SnapShot of
Andrew Nuetzel
I'm a reflective life-long learner with several years
of teaching experience and committed to seeing students succeed.
Greenwood, IN
IUPUI School of Education,
Andrew Nuetzel
Personal Activites:
Scott Johnson
Classroom Vodcasting
Class Webpages
Special Training:
IUPUI School of Education
IUPUI School of Science
Work Experience
August 2009- Present
8th Grade Science
•Developed and utilized various inquiry-based lab activities involving scaffolding appropriate for middle school students
•Attended and presented at multiple technology workshops for teacher professional development
•Technology Grant Recipient for Classroom Podcasting
Spring 2009
Student Teaching
@ Arsenal Tech High

•Prepared and utilized inquiry-based teaching to ‘uncover’ the State Standards within three units (9-12 weeks of material)
•Developed and taught a Project-Based Learning Unit with cross-curricular themes
•Utilized online homework and included Learning Response systems in classroom

•Collaborated and led AP Physics Labs with Lead teacher
Fall 2008
Student Teaching
@ Northview Middle School
•Developed inquiry-based learning units
•Co-taught 2 block classes, individually taught 2 more block classes
•Collaborated on curricula for a science enrichment resource class
•Science Olympiad Coach (weekly practices, twice a week)
Educational Technologies
Mark Snodgrass
CGMSN Principal
Computer Apps Teacher, IN FIRST Mentor
Reference Letter:
Intensive year-long focus on technology in the classroom and curriculum studies
GPA: 3.925
One Calendar Year Full - Time Teaching ProgramStudent Teaching placements in urban public schools with nearly 960 hrs of classroom experience
Concurrent supporting academic courses include: Diversity and all Learners, Educational Psychology, General Methods and Science Methods
Licensed in Physics/ICP and willing to be licensed in Chemistry
Completed First Half of Master's Degree
GPA: 3,95
B.S. Physics, 08/2003 - 08/2006
7th Grade Science Teacher, Sci. Dept. Head
Jeff Peterson
Reference Letter:
Lauren Coros
8th Grade Language Arts, Team Leader
Reference Letter:
Masters in Secondary Education, 01 - 12/2012
Teacher Licensing, 07/2008-06/2009
Cooking and Grilling, Board Games, Dodgeball, Ultimate
Jesus, Science, Music, Movies, and LOTR
Husband, Father, Friend, Teacher
First Year Honors Physic
AP Physics B
6th Grade Science Class
•Academic Super Bowl Coach: 2011-2013 (Math and Science)
•MSN Lego Robotics Coach: 2011 and 2012. Advanced to State Finals both years.
•Planned and led multiple school-wide fundraising tournaments for Robotics 2012.
•8th Grade Fall Break Trip Chaperone for Washington DC, 2010 and 2011
Extra Curricular
Google Stuffs
MS Office
Modeling Instruction
Modeling Instruction (modelinginstruction.org ), is science classes is ultimately about learning by doing and communicating. Students work in groups on developing a model of the phenomenon that they are exploring and share their results with the class in whiteboard sessions. They argue through the ways of representing and explaining the model as it relates to their experimental data. This inquiry based type of collaborative constructivist pedagogy that has been shown to be very effective in raising students understanding of basic physics while also helping them to gain a better grasp on the work of real scientists and supports the goals of the INSS process standards AND science content standards in Physics classes.
Vodcasting in the Class
Sample Class Webpage
Technology & Professional Dev.
A sample of what you'll get when you hire me...
Sample Methods
Used in my classrooms
Extracurricular Activities:
Robotics, Academic Superbowl, Intramurals
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