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Martin Luther King Jr.

No description

BRYAN monter-hernandez

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Martin Luther King Jr.

Does anybody has a question?
3 Interesting fact
The first interesting fact is that Martin Luther King Jr started the boycott on the bus and they founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
The second interesting fact is that Martin Luther King Jr made a speech to make people to be free and his speech named is I Have a Dream.
The third interesting fact is king became a civil rigths
activist early in his career.
His spouse (s) Coretta Scott King
and children are Yolanda Denise King,Martin Luther King,Dexter
Scott King,and Bernice Albertine

Martin Luther King Jr.
When Martin Luther king Jr died
Martin Luther King Jr is famous because he want to help people to be free.

Why is Martin Luther King Jr is famous?
When was Martin Luther King Jr birthday
His spouse (s) and children
Martin Luther King Jr birthday
was on January 15, 1929 and he
was born on the same day as his
birthday in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S..
He died on April, 4 1968
(age 39) in Memphis Tennessee, U.S..
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