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How Rock Music Evolved To Justin Bieber

Presentation to mint enjoy's certification

jairo contreras

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of How Rock Music Evolved To Justin Bieber

the begining the 50's The fifties brought rythm and
blues, country and gospel
together to form rock n' roll the 60's the British invasion the 70's diversity the 80's origin of records and concerts to benefit the 90's searching popularity in the sixties, rock n' roll dominated
charts and brought us surf music,folk music,
psychedelic, hard rock and heavy metal

some of the representatives icons were:
the beatles
the rolling stones
the doors
led zeppelin
jimi hendrix disco, punk rock, heavy metal and hard rock get importance in this decade, concerts were changed from clubs to stadiums.
some of the greatest artists were:
black sabbath
alice cooper
elton john
the sex pistols
the ramones
kiss This decade was marked by the launching of mtv and vh1 as video-music channel which were influential bringing numerous new bands and music styles into the mainstream.
At the end of this decade cd's replaced albums and tapes; some of the most representatives bands were:

michael jackson / rem
the police / red hot chilli peppers
journey / guns n' roses
queen / slayer
survivor / megadeth
aerosmith / anthrax
bon jovi / iron maiden
judas priest / motley crue
iron maiden / metallica
ac/dc / ozzy osbourne
scorpions / pantera
u2 Advancements in computers and software allow for digital music creation and recording on home computers.
The internet and sound compression allow for digital distribution of music, often bypassing the need for a
major label album release.
Artists whose were born in this decade:
green day
the offspring
blink 182
the deftones
rage against the machine
papa roach
system of a down
linkin park
foo fighters
limp bizkit ¿conclusion my metal world rock music is one of my favorite daily activities from the sunset to the entire darkness, it makes me calm, in the other hand, makes me get some adrenaline through the body like a runaway train.
the next Ones are some examples of what i tell you:

for u.s army in the middle of a war, for instance the iraq and afghanistan war, tracks turning them into monsters, making them inhuman so they can do inhuman acts.
for other people, heavy Metal music is also a relaxing method to calm people, even babies... rock music evolution
until justin bieber To be a rockstar carry a big responsibility. It's a life style, they must communicate their truth and transmit their ideas and information as music, but not any kind of music, it's rock music.
that's the reason for what justin bieber doesn't classify as a rockstar. intro g in this presentation i'll talk about the progress and
some main exponents that made great the history of
rock music from the beginning to nowadays, making
a light comparison between rock music and justin who has been considered as a current rockstar. thank you !!
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