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Daddy Yankee

No description

Olivia Luciani

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee
Birth name: Ramon Ayala Born: February 3, 1977
In: San Juan, Puerto Rico A top Reggaeton artist Started to sing/rhyme at age 13 Has a brother named Nomar, which is Ramon spelled backwards. He first had dreams of becoming a pro baseball player, but at age 17 he got caught up in a shooting and was shot in the leg, ending his dreams. He hung out at a club and one of the DJ's started his career by featuring Daddy Yankee on one of his albums in 1992.

Daddy then came out with his own album in 1995, called No Mersy. Years later, he released one of his best albums, Barrio Fino, which had 2 top 100 songs on it: Gasolina & Rompe. In 2007, he released his album, El Cartel, which included big time artists like : Akon, Will.I.Am, Fergie, & many others. Gasolina Recieved: -Record of the year
-Latin Grammy Award (2005)
Single Cover Music Ella Me Levanto Song was released in 2007 Single cover: Grito Mundial Off of his newest album: Mundial Influence I thinks he's a great artist, and cares about helping people.
He brought Reggaeton to America and at first just the Hispanic communities were listening to it, but now he has led it to spread all over. He was the first reggaeton artist that I was aware of and now I always listen to his music. He now has his own prodigy named Miguelito who is becoming big in Latin America. His 2nd album released in 2007 Most recent album released in 2009 Daddy Yankee and Miguelito
Now He is married to Mireddys Gonzalez. They have 3 children: Yamilette
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