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Understanding by Design Heredity Unit by Janita Cormell

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Janita Cormell

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Understanding by Design Heredity Unit by Janita Cormell

Understanding by Design Heredity Unit
by Janita Cormell Heredity Unit Content
Inheritence in humans
Genetic research Students
6th grade
Life Science Student's expected prior knowledge

How to set up a table.
Common Misconceptions

The dominant parent will pass on more traits to offspring.
Half of our traits come from each parent. Desired Results
Established Goals
PASS 7th-3.1 Reproduction and heredity
PASS 7th Process Standards 2-5 Classify, Experiment, Interperet, Communicate, Model, and Inquiry
Students will understand that…

Genetics has an influence on the way we look.
Physical characteristics are genetic traits that are passed from one generation to the next.
Genetic research could help people with predispositions to certain diseases through early detection or prevention.

Essential Questions
Why do we look the way we do?
How are traits passed from one generation to another?
What role could genetic research play in our future?
Performance Tasks
Students will…
Make a Venn diagram that compares and contrasts meiosis and mitosis by addressing specific questions.
Participate in a simulation of meiosis and fertilization.
Use a Punnett square to show how genes may pair during a genetic cross.
Demonstrate how certain genes interact in pairs to express dominant or recessive traits by determining phenotypes from genotypes.
Create a cartoon character with specific traits determined by random pairings of genes.
Create a cartoon offspring based on the genotypes of its parents.
Other evidence:
Academic prompts
Class discussions
Learning Activities
Journal in notebooks
View and discuss pictures of baby animals and parents
Read and discuss “What are the chances?”
Work with partners to simulate meiosis
Answer questions about gene pairs aloud

Read about Punnett squares and pea experiments
Practice using Punnett squares
Clyde and Claire cartoons
Dragon babies activity
Dronkey babies activity
Video about genetic research, Reflection questions, Class discussion
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