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Renewable Resources

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Aman Singh

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Renewable Resources

Renewable Resources
By:Aman, Rabiah,Gurveer and Jenny

A natural resource that is of economic value and can be restocked in the same amount or less time as it takes to decrease the amount. These resources always come back to life after they have gone. It is rare that they will ever leave the Earth.
Geothermal Energy
Geothermal energy is the heat of the Earth, and it comes from the ground. To gather this energy and use it, you can drill holes in geothermal reservoirs. The hot water that rises comes out of the surface as steam. The steam is used to drive turbines producing electricity. If the water is not hot enough to produce steam, it can be used to heat homes saving gas/electricity.
Solar Energy
Solar energy is the heat energy that comes from the Sun that the Earth receives. This energy comes in the form of radiation. This energy can also be converted into heat and electricity. For instance, solar panels help convert solar energy to electricity.
Heat from the centre of the Earth heats up the outer layers of rock called the mantle. When this rock melts, it becomes magma. Rain water crawls through the fault lines and cracks, becoming super heated. Some of this heated water rises back to the surface of the Earth where it comes out as hot springs.
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