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SAP-HR Boot Camp

No description

Rogelio Jr. Estacio

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of SAP-HR Boot Camp

Ticketing System
SAP-HR Boot Camp

P&G IT SAP-SM Processes
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)
[The Bible]
Set of best practices for Service Management
Incident (Helpdesk) Management
Problem Management
Change Management
Configuration Management
Release Management

Data Flow
Global ES (NP*) Landscape
IT Team’s performance is measured in terms of tickets
Tool to prioritize issues
Documentation of issues
Personal E-mails cannot be accessed by others
Issue Analytics
Common Issues (i.e. 70% of incidents raised are data / process related)
Ticket Information is significant
Efforts to make Ticket Raising efficient
No Ticket No Work policy, make sure that you have raised the appropriate ticket for your concern…

Incident Ticket (IM) – if there’s a disruption in any of operation’s processes
Fulfillment Request (FR) – if there’s a request to be submitted to the IT team,
RFI (Request For Information)
Service Request (e.g. batch loading, My Payroll File Access)
Change Ticket (CR) – if there’s any request to change/modify the system

Incident SLA
Raising Tickets
Ticket Commandments:
(1) If there is no ticket...then there is no issue.
(2) If there are two issues...then there must be two tickets.
(3) If the ticket is not minor…then it probably should be.  (ask for the severity definition chart)
(4) For the latest news about the ticket…ask the person assigned to fix it.
(5) Ticket resolution just isn't good enough...the user needs to check it.
(6) The only good ticket...is the closed ticket.
Roles and Responsibility
You shall perform initial issue handling prior to going to IT for help.
You shall log in a ticket for any query/problem/issue/change to IT.
You are only allowed to get help from IT when it is an IT-related topic.
You must provide all the necessary information when setting up your ticket.
You shall take note of IT core hours: 10AM-6PM
You shall not tag non-critical tickets as critical and avoid raising critical tickets in non-core hours
Be patient: all tickets have SLAs
IT will respond to your incident as soon as can be
IT will attempt to resolve your issue as soon as possible, but will prioritize issues based on urgency and impact
IT will as much as possible resolve your issues within SLA
IT is the point of contact for IT related needs

When Are Changes Moved to Production?
Regular Change Release Schedule (Change Window)
Done after every other Thursday (unless there’s any significant system activity)
Changes released that Thursday will be reflected in Prod (NP1) by Saturday

Severity 1 Transport Release Schedule
Done on emergencies only, would require Nelson’s approval
Changes released as SEV1 will be reflected in Prod (NP1) around 30min after release

Only tested/signed off and approved tickets will be moved for Production Release…

Change Moratorium and No Fly Zone
Best Practices
Monthly ITSM Evaluation and Meeting
Regular SAP Notes (OSS) Downloads and Cascades
SAP Upgrades (HRSP) Discussions
Innovation and Automation
HRSP Testing Automation
IT Compliance Audit
Communication Announcements
Change Window Schedule
Change Moratorium
System Downtime
IT Initiatives
Trainings for Process Owners and LOMs
Updated Job Aids and User Manual
Org Structure aligned with business needs
PMO SPOC; Billable and SPR IT Resources
Level 2 and Level 1 IT
Training and Shadowing Plan for new employees
SAP Standard Solutions

IT Team
Contact Us
Global ES Landscape and Data Flow
IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
HPSM Ticketing System
Change Window, Moratorium, No Fly Zone
IT Best Practices
IT Team Structure and Contact Information
The "Dreaded" Ticketing System
We accept three types of ticket
If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing. - W. Edwards Deming
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