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same-sex marriage should be legal

No description

Sarah Robinson

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of same-sex marriage should be legal

Not allowing same sex marriage is a form of minority discrimination. For every older sibling you have that is the same sex as you, you have a 30% more chance to be gay due to a biological causation.

Also, consider this: who would say, "Hmm. Gay people are discriminated against, thrown out of society, attacked, disowned, and worse. Sign me up!"? Gay people can adopt children, adding another left-out group to society. legally recognized union of a same-sex couple, with rights similar to those of marriage

are not registered in some states

spouses are granted some rights that civil unions do not allow
e.g., one of the couple is staying in the hospital, the other will not be permitted to see them, because they are not considered a family member How about civil unions? Religion vs. State In America, the Church and the State are divided.
The First Amendent of the Constituton prohibits the the making of any law "respecting an establishment of religion"
If they say that god did not love them, why did he did make them? Sexual orientation discrimination refers to harassment or different treatments based on someone that is gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or heterosexual.
A number of states have policies and laws against sexual orientation discrimination.
Not allowing gays to marry is like not allowing woman to vote. Discrimination based on sex orientation I know you're going to say that allowing gay marriages will weaken our society, but thats not the case 2 1 marriage is a form of legal status Many religions are against gay marriage, but we should not allow religion to dictate our law It is Discrimination It is discrimination not to allow same-sex marriage It is discrimination not to allow same-sex marriage Many religions are against gay marriage, but we should not let religion dictate our law Same Sex Marriage should be Legal support gay marriage!

help everyone get equal! Other Kinds of Discrimination The 14th amendment clearly states that majorities cannot take out the rights of the minorities same sex marriage does not weaken our society Same sex marriage should be Legal Being Gay is not a Choice Gay Marriage should be Legal minority discrimination: treating the minorities differently
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